How to write Posts under pages in blogger

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Pages in the blogger are used to have clear navigation through your content. since Google has introduced pages in the  new blogger platform, writing of posts below pages gives a professional website look to your blog. So are you wondering how to write posts under pages in blogger blog then here is the solution for that, i think in the next few minutes you will make your website look more professional by keeping all posts under labels.
i think you are in hurry to create posts under your pages then follow these steps

Create labels for posts

in order to write posts under pages first you need to create labels to each post. after creating the labels we need to add pages and we should link that labels to the pages. well sound’s good but the problem arises if you don’t know how to create and link labels in blogger. don’t worry just check my article
how to create labels and return back to this article. once you know how to add labels then here we go
just go to template and select the add gadget which is present below the header tag, which is similar to this
posts under pages blogger

just click on add gadget, scroll down and find pages. after clicking on the pages gadget you will get the windows which is shown above
from the above just select the Add external link button and you will get some thing like this
pagelink blogger
in the above window, just in the place of page title  write your page name or so called category name. and, in the URL if you want to appear your article to be under page windows suppose(for example take category name as windows) then write
in the place of your site replace your site and in the place of page name just replace your page name under which you want to appear posts.
that’s it you are done and now you can be able to write your posts under pages. i hope you got how to do now if you have any doubts please feel free to comment sections and get your doubts clarified.

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