Windows phone vs Android The Epic comparison


Many of us would have been got confused while choosing our phone working platform i.e whether Windows Phone Or an Android phone or other. Both the Platforms Windows And Android are in one of the best operating system platforms currently in the technological world. So here is what we have for you in this post. This post will give you an epic comparison i.e Windows phone vs Android. This epic comparison Windows phone vs Android will be really exciting and pretty useful for you.I hope you enjoy the article till the end. So here you go.

Epic Comparison Windows phone vs Android :

windows vs android

This epic comparison Windows phone vs Android result would be based on the following factors:

  • Os Look or UI (User Interface).
  • Applications support.
  • Features and Specifications.
  • Cortana Vs Google Now.
  • performance.

Now here are the few comparisons in Windows phone vs Android depending upon the above factors:

Os Look or UI (User Interface):

android vs windows phone

User Interface (UI) or simply the look of the Os play an important role in the selection of windows phone vs android. As in the present generations, more importance is given to the look of the phone than the quality, so the Operating system developers of both windows and android are working and spending too much on their UI.


  • Latest Android version 10.
  • With very much user-customized UI.
  • Included with several animations, themes, customizing options.
  • It is smooth, colorful and beautiful too.
  • Customers are attracted to their looks.


  • Most styling UI.
  • It consists of vertically scrolling tiles.
  • It has less empty space than android.
  • It has a simple and stylish as well as a professional look.
  • The start screen is a lot different.

Applications support:

Its the major factor as the type and amount of applications supported by the OS platform is most loved by the users. It’s no Hidden fact that Android supports a large number of applications than the Windows platform. That is why many prefer Android on Windows. Here are the major factors regarding Windows phone vs Android.


  • Google Playstore is the Application center.
  • There are 1.3+ Million apps in the Store.
  • Various categories of apps are available.
  • For keen gamers, the Android platform is the best.
  • You can get all kinds of apps which you can think!


  • Windows phone store is a bit limited in size and in the number of apps too.
  • It is getting bigger and better day by day.
  • The number of apps are growing day by day.
  • It has Built-in Xbox.
  • Great Microsoft office products.
  • 4 lakh+ apps in Store.

Features and Specifications:

Windows comes with excellent and Unique features and on the other hand, Android comes with Tons of excellent features. Android had all kind of features from the past but Windows now is also coming up with great excellent features which could give a strong head-to-head competition to Android. Few features will give the results for windows phone vs android in this category:


  • Actionable notifications (a.k.a heads-up notifications), smart lock, improved battery saver, heads-up notifications.
  • Google Now is an excellent feature provided to android.
  • Smart Lock feature.
  • Great types of themes and custom UI for better user experience.
  • Better Multitasking.


  • Cortana is fun and useful.
  • The action center makes it useful.
  • Homescreen is more beautiful than ever.
  • But multitasking still has some issues.
  • Smooth and well user functioning.

Cortana Vs Google Now:

Cortana and Google Now are the respective virtual personal assistants for Windows and Android platforms respectively. Likely in IOS personal assistant SIRI, these two assistants are very much fun using and useful. Google Now was introduced by Android 10 and Cortana was introduced by Windows 8.1. These both are great with impressive features but a bit different in working.

  Windows Phone – CORTANA :

Windows Phone 8.1 comes with a virtual personal assistant. Cortana is the biggest recent additional addiction to Windows Phone 8 and it gives the OS an answer to Google Now. App developers can also integrate their app with Cortana – allowing the user to take advantage of Cortana’s smart voice command feature. Cortana is still in the beta version.

Google now was introduced in the android version of the Kitkat. It has the upper hand than windows in the feature that it is handsfree as it becomes active as soon as we say “OK GOOGLE”.It is pretty much responsive loaded with excellent features. Unlike Cortana which is in the beta version here Google now has been developing and came up with several updates and new features.For more watch the below video :


There is no doubt in the fact that no operating system can beat the performance given by the Windows phone software. Android OS is also good but quite slow and laggy a few times but whereas Windows phone software is smooth and responsive. If you are looking for a phone for the best performance instead of look and features I would definitely recommend a Windows phone.


Both the OS i.e Windows And Android are awesome in their respective fields. But If you are a person who likes to experiment with your phone with new apps, themes, and love to play various categories of games then you should go for an android.

But If You want Unique, Advanced, Professional with smooth functioning loaded features then you must go for a Windows phone.

Simply I would state “If You are looking for QUALITY then go for WINDOWS PHONE and if you need QUANTITY you should go for an Android phone.”

Do comment below which Os would you choose in Windows phone vs android. Do share your feedback with us in the comment section below.

Hope this article helped you.Thank you for reading!

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