Vivaldi Browser Review : Successor of Opera


Vivaldi Browser-A New Powerful Browser

Vivaldi Browser has been launched by the former Opera CEO which now joined in the battle of the most powerful browsers with the new rivals like the project Spartan, by Microsoft last week.
Vivaldi Browser
There’s been an abundance of new browsers lately: Yandex, Citrio, and of course, the upcoming Project Spartan Browser. However, there seems to be a place for yet another one. The Tech Preview for the Vivaldi Browser became available today. Despite the “Preview” part, Vivaldi Browser has some tricks to show and we can expect a lot more in future.
Vivaldi Browser
Vivaldi Browser  offers a number of features, which Opera lovers will remember. The application allows for mouse gestures for browsing and the ever familiar “speed dial” interface, which shows your favorite tabs on the new tab page.
Vivaldi Browser
The Vivaldi Browser  has some new tools too, like multiple tabs. Tabs can now be combined into one to allow for simple browsing of associated sites. For example, if you were looking into your family tree online, you can group all the tabs on that topic into a single saved space.
Vivaldi looks good according to the current flat/minimalist fashion. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that tabs and menus change color based on the dominant palette of your active page. This “chameleon” effect looks fresh at least. It can be turned off if it doesn’t suit your tastes.

Quick Commands/Navigation

If you’re mostly a keyboard user and embrace shortcuts, then Vivaldi Browser is definitely for you. Key shortcuts are highly customizable and might save you the need to reach for the mouse whenever you need to open a particular tab or launch a specific feature in Vivaldi Browser.
Vivaldi Browser

Built-In Mail and Extensions

Since this is a technical preview, some features are yet absent, but they’ll catch for the final release. On such features is a built-in mail client. This was in the previous versions of Opera and it’s hard to say how good it’ll be in Vivaldi, but a mail client for your multiple inbox-es (maybe not the most important ones) is a nice addition.
Vivaldi Browser
As Vivaldi Browser is based on Chromium, it will support Chrome extensions. So, even though the developers promise it to be a powerful and feature-rich browser, nothing prevents you from expanding its functionality.



Vivaldi adopts a minimalistic interface with basic icons and fonts. The browser adapts its color scheme based on the background and the elements of the web page being visited.

Quick Commands

A way of creating keyboard shortcuts for quicker access to commonly used menus or actions.

Tab Stacking

Allows users to combine tabs from the same website into a “stack”.


Enables users to quickly write down notes or grab screenshots from a webpage.

Speed Dial

Vivaldi allows users to create shortcuts for their favorite websites for quick access.


The Vivaldi team has future plans for extensions but they are yet to be implemented.

Speed and Security

Vivaldi is built on modern web technologies such as HTML 5, Node.js, ReactJS, and the Blink engine.
Presently the browser is only a technical preview, but in the coming months, there are plans ahead to add mail support, sync, better performance and extensions. Vivaldi is currently available as a technical preview for Windows, Mac or Linux.
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