Top 5 Android Apps for Your Phone in 2016

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The world of smartphones is evolving at a rapid pace. With new updates and tweaks from time to time, we are witnessing faster smartphones and more sophisticated lives. As the open-source Android OS is leading the revolution in the smartphone industry, extremely useful apps are popping up every day to make our lives easy.

Here are the top 5 Android Apps you must install on your phone in 2016. You will realize the importance of these apps once you start using them.

  1. Amazon India

Amazon india


The largest internet-based retailer,’s Indian arm a.k.a Amazon India ( is performing extremely well. The e-commerce site, in recent times has been a serious competitor to home-grown e-tailers like Flipkart and Snapdeal.

The Amazon India app is one of the coolest shopping apps available. With just a few touches, you can order the product of your choice with ease. Things get easier with Coupons for amazon  from which give customers over-the-top cashback on all orders. Try it for FREE from Google Play and you will definitely love it!

  1. Paytm



A useful app for instant mobile, DTH and data card recharges, Paytm is a must-have app on an Android smartphone. The digital wallet that comes integrated with the application gives another reason to use it. You can book train tickets, shop from various online retailers and make transactions using the integrated Paytm wallet.

There are some paytm offers that are available on a day-to-day basis that greatly maximizes the benefit that one can get from using the application.

  1. Uber


A smart application for solving the commuting problem of people in cities, Uber makes it easy to find a cab in your city. It is a huge boom for people who are new to a certain city or place and have a hard time figuring out their way.

By making use of Uber rides, one can save money on travelling without the pain of bargaining. Try a cab for once and we are sure that you will be hooked to it forever!




  1. Evernote



The application that notes down everything you want to note down, Evernote is a must-have on your Android smartphone. The simple application acts as a go-to destination for noting down everything you think is important and save them for later use.

Though there is a free trial version of the app, a Premium version is available at no additional cost for select handsets. Check out if your phone is compatible for the FREE premium version of Evernote.


  1. Facebook



Though pre-installed on a lot of smartphones, some phones don’t come readily with Facebook. In such a case, it is essential to download the application from Google Play and install it. An amazing way to ensure that you are connected to the world at all times, Facebook on an Android device is a huge boon.

You can chat with family and friends, plan events, meet new people and get informed on all the latest happenings with the help of Facebook for mobile. If you still haven’t tried it out, it is high time you do so now!



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