Top 7 iOS and iPad Antivirus Apps

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Technology – It’s growing bigger and in a better way. iPhone, an iPAD and lot of gadgets on our Hands. It’s good to have right! especially these lovely apple devices! Everyone uses the gadgets, but very few are in a safe hands. Don’t worry if you are not! we will teach you How to? In this article, we listed top 7 IOS and iPAD antivirus apps in order to make your devices safe.

Top 7 iOS and iPad Antivirus Apps

lookout mobile security

Lookout is an awesome app for IOS devices. It provides a shield for the security of iOS devices.It has various options which include security, Theft protection, data backup and management
In the security, There will be a option called system adviser which will alert you when something  goes wrong or may when the phone is jail broke and a process monitor which automatically scans your phone for virus or  dangerous files
In theft protection, You can locate your phone, Save the location when the battery is dead, put a custom message to get your device back etc..,You can backup your account data, messages etc and You can manage your accounts right from app itself. As this is the best iOS and iPAD antivirus app used by many people. So we have listed in top 7

Lookout for iOS

McAfee Mobile security

A name which is very familiar in the field of antivirus. It is also an awesome app for iOS which provides a High-end feature like secure media vault for privacy and
It has various options like Locate- locates your phone, Capture cam- captures the thief’s photo and will be sent via mail, when he entered pin incorrectly for some attempts, remote scream- activates an alarm to locate your lost device, backup restore wipe etc

mcafee mobile security for iphone

It is also one of the best iOS and iPAD antivirus app in these 7

Intego virus barrier

It’s an another great app for IOS which was earlier used in the mac devices It has extended its service to the apple IOS mobile devices.
It allows you to scan every file and folder in your phone. It detects the virus and takes an immediate action on malware. It will scan every file before downloading, It allows on-demand scan etc..,

virus barrier for ios8

Avast secure line VPN

Avast secure line is a superb app which should be listed in top apps as this provide a great features like
It protects you from illegal access to your accounts and files when you are on an unsecured WiFi network. it encrypts your connection, It allows you to open country restricted sites, Allows you for private browsing etc

avast secureline vpn

Trend micro mobile security

Trend micro is a well-known antivirus manufacturing company which provides security for various devices like IOS, Android etc
This is also having features like the antivirus apps stated above It allows to locate a missing device, Private Facebook browsing, scans and detects virus etc

Trend micro mobile security

Norton Mobile security

It’s also a well-known security software manufacturing company which has created various antivirus apps for various devices. This app allows great features called Anti-Theft alarm which allows the phone to raise the alarm when your phone is stolen Thus you can find your phone when  it has undergone theft. apart from this, it also scans and detects malware, check your device for malicious files etc

norton mobile security

Avira mobile security

It’s a free antivirus for iOS devices It also provides best features like on-demand scan, Theft control email security etc. the best part in this app is about email security. It allows you to check whether your email is hacked or not and also scans for malicious files like other antivirus apps.

avira antivirus for ios

So far, these are the best iOS and iPAD antivirus apps for iPAD and other apple devices. If you have any other list of antivirus apps, you can list them in comments so that people can know further.