Recover deleted Whats App messages from your phone

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Recover Deleted Whats App messages

Whats App is the best instant messenger in the world. Since it is the most popular one, it has millions of users who are sending and receiving messages everyday.
sounds good but, what if you accidentally deleted Whats App messages ?? have you ever wondered how to get them back?? Probably you are, just follow these simple steps in order to recover deleted whats app messages. 

recover deleted whatsapp messages

Steps to Recover deleted Whats App messages

Few things you should know before recovering messages from whats app

>  Whats app automatically backup your messages 
    and store in a folder
>  They are stored in the back up folder
>  You can recover your messages from that backup files

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Hope you are done with the things above. now proceed to the main steps 

Step 1: First you need to uninstall the Whats App

Step 2:Then open the folder named Whats App which is present either in the Internal memory or external SD card.

Step 3:Then open the Databases folder

Step 4:Then there will be number of files like “msgstore.db.crypt9”. just rename and make them as “msgstore.db.crypt9.current”.

Step 5:Then install Whats App again. Now, you will be prompted to restore the messages 


Step 6:Just click on OK and install as you do before

Note : The messages which are only 7 days old can be recovered. 

That’s it guys, done for now.You can recover your deleted Whats App messages now. If you have any doubts do comment in the commenting section below and feel free to subscribe for more news and tutorials.

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