Leaked Specifications of Mi laptop !!


Mi laptop coming soon:

Xiaomi is going to release mi laptop .As Xiaomi states that “ALWAYS BELIEVE SOMETHING WONDERFUL IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN” It has always surprised its customers by launching wonderful products at a relatively low price .


Specially in India it had been a great marketing year for xiaomi mobiles Online sales (FLASH SALES VIA FLIPKART).It has successfully tempted and attracted Indians towards the extraordinary chinese handsets(xiaomi mobile india) also called as mi phones.
It has created latest buzz with the recent launch of new handsets namely Mi Note 3G & Note 4G .

GizmoChina has leaked the information regarding the “Mi laptop“.

mi laptop

According to the leaked details of mi laptop, the rumoured  Xiaomi mi laptop will feature a large 15-inch display with a full- HD (1080p) resolution.

The mi laptop is said to pack an Intel Haswell processor (Core i7-4500U) and feature two 8GB dual channel memory modules, which means it will pack a total of 16GB of RAM. The publication also claims that the Chinese brand will price its first mi laptop at as low as CNY 2,999 (Rs. 30,700 approximately).

On the OS front, mi laptop will be getting a Linux OS with some Xiaomi customisation.
There are no details if there will be a Windows-based Xiaomi Notebook or a Xiaomi Chromebook for that matter. Nothing is official at the moment. Click here to know about another awesome phablet called as Samsung galaxy note 5.
The mi laptop seems to look like an apple MACBOOK. Having an orange colour button on its top right corner as seen in the leaked pictures.
The mi laptop is seen sporting ‘Mi’ branding just below the screen, while another logo is present at the back where the Apple logo would be engraved on Macbook Air laptops. 

Few Leaked Pictures are Shown below  

mi laptop

As this information regarding mi laptop is not official so we could just literally wait and watch for the upcoming wonderful products by the Xiaomi in this year.After having a successful year in the mobile market Xiaomi is now expanding its wings in the other customer product too ,like recently it launched Mi air purifier for Rs 9000.

With the CES 2015 just around the corner, we wonder if Xiaomi will unveil this notebook in Las Vegas. Considering it has already diversified into other product categories such as routers, TV to even an air-purifier, it does not seem unthinkable that Xiaomi is working on a mi laptop.
All we can do now is wait and watch how this plays out this year. 

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