How to stop auto-updates on google play

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Feeling irritated when your phone starts auto updating in play store all the apps one after  the other in the Google play store without your permission and you don’t know how to stop auto-updates on Google play.
Now easily learn how to stop auto-updates on Google play.

As generally the Google play store has been set up to automatically install all the latest updates so as to give the user a well advanced and update performance in order to improve their performance on your tablet or smartphone, which can also be quite annoying as it slows down your phone, uses up your mobile data and interrupts you as you do other things with the device.

It is recommended in most cases to update your Google apps, as developers work hard to improve them to be more intuitive and incorporate better designs and performance. But having them all update at once is hardly a good thing. For this reason, many people prefer to manually install play store app updates rather than updating everything (or nothing) at once. In order to do this, you must stop auto-updates on Google play , which is easy to do.

How to stop auto-updates on Google play:

Step 1: Launch the Google play store app on your android device. 

Step 2: swipe out the navigation drawer on the left hand side on the play store. Now You’ll be presented with the Play Store  Settings Option.


Step 3: click on settings.

Step 4: Tapping on this option will provide you with three options which can be reconfigured at any time. You have either 1) Do not auto-update apps 2) Auto-update apps at any time. Data Charges may apply and 3) Auto-update apps over WiFi only.

Step 5: choose ‘Auto-update apps’ which will state the current setting of this function.If you never want to update the apps then choose do not auto update apps.(as per your desire) which will stop auto-updates on Google play.

If you’ve told the Play Store to stop auto-updates on Google play, you’ll have to do it manually. To manually update an app, you must go to your list of apps, so swipe out the navigation drawer and select ”My Apps.”
Apps that have updates available are listed at the top of the ”Installed” tab. You can choose to install them one at a time or all of them with the ”Update All” button at the top.
I think you found this article useful and have learnt how to stop auto-updates on Google play.
Thank you for reading.

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