How to Recover Deleted Data From Hard Disk

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Securing your data:

Data in a hard drive probably kept thinking it as useful, what happens if it was deleted accidentally??? have you ever thought of this’s difficult !! because the deleted data may be photos ,videos or some other stuff related to your family ,friends etc
Check the below post to get awareness on recovering data


If you have accidentally deleted some data :

Don’t panic i will provide you some solution regarding that, whenever you have deleted some data check for the Recovery drive if any ..probably if you kept backup before or else.

These counter measures you should follow if you want to recover your data correctly:

We must not copy more data in that location from which you are currently performing recovery. (i.e) If suppose you have accidentally deleted data from E: drive .Then don’t copy any files on E: drive if you want your data back , if you do so the copied data will replace the instances left of deleted data then data will be corrupted.

Top Recovery Software’s:

Some of the Top Recovery Software’s are:

  • Stellar Phoenix
  • R-studio
  • Data Rescue-PC
  • On track easy Recovery
  • GetDataBack
If you have some bucks to pay for the software then I recommend you Stellar phoenix it will recover all your data or another solution is To try it for free.

If you want some free ware

I recommend you Recuva.

Here is the process of recovering the data using  recuva software


just download the Software from the below link link:

just install the software then

run it 

scan for deleted files and 

select an area to recover them

There are some other free software like Pandora recovery,EaseUs etc

Note: Never copy huge amount of data in accidentally deleted location and improve chances of getting your data back .
kindly ask questions if you have any, we are happy to here from you

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