How to make Windows 8 Bootable USB


How to make Windows 8 Bootable USB

Windows 8.1 is probably the most friendly Operating System for the people who love to have mobile and tablet interface for PC. So many people like using Windows 8.1, but the problem is whenever we need to install windows 8/8.1 in our PC, we need to have an installation media i.e Disk drive which most of the people use. But in this tutorial we are going to learn how to make windows 8 USB flash drive using a software which will be more convenient and more portable.

windows 8 bootable USB is also useful when you have a faulty DVD drive in your computer.
you can also make your windows 8 bootable USB without software, that is by using command prompt but some people like me may face difficulty in doing all that stuff. so in this tutorial i am gonna use Power ISO software to make the USB bootable you can use any software but i prefer power ISO as windows 8 bootable USB tool as it is used for many other purposes also
so follow these steps in order to make windows 8 bootable USB with in few minutes

Steps to Make Windows 8 Bootable USB 

Open the power ISO and click on the tools option in the file menu

 Next select the create Bootable USB drive option after selecting the above option you will get the menu to browse your ISO file

Browsing an ISO file in Power ISO


Just click on the above selected option then you can simply browse your ISO file into your USB flash drive.

Power ISO: Selecting Windows ISO file

 After browsing your ISO file you can simply select the start option. then the process will be started and get continued further for few minutes then you will a popup dialog saying completed that’s it you are done. in this way you can create windows 8.1 bootable USB and install windows 8 in your computer. you can use either windows 7/8 or 8.1

this method will work for all the windows distributions. if you have any doubts regarding this process, please feel free to comment in the commenting section below.

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