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Hidemyip Review: Uh, oh! Do you think you are completely safe online? It’s worthless to say that hacking occurs once in a blue moon in this era. You’re wrong – More than 30,000 websites are hacked every day! What are the odds of regular systems!

It’s even more worthless to think that your antivirus will protect you. Most antiviruses are designed to protect you from the harmful files coming to your computer. Most professional hackers and IP stealers know the way out! They can tame your antivirus with ease and sneak in like a boss!

Do you think you’re smart? If Sony – a multimillionaire company which possesses some of the potential geniuses of the web could get hacked last year, how much smart do you think you are!! comparatively?

I just narrated a big horror story to you! In fact, it’s not just a story – IT’S MERE TRUTH!


You know I am now going to pitch you with a product! Yes, I am now going to suggest something which is the light of the horror scene – which will guide you to the destination. I am talking about the privacy service known as HideMyIP.

You might think I just narrated the story for the sake of promoting this product. You can surely believe in it and go barefoot to the online world. But there would be no one to blame if your identity is ever compromised!

So, what is HideMyIP?

As the name suggests, HideMyIP, in the first place, will hide your IP from hackers! As simple as that!

There’s more in it too! You can surf anonymously by encrypting your connection, you can prevent anyone from spying on you and there’s something which you didn’t expect: YOU CAN EVEN SEND ANONYMOUS E-MAILS!

Sure, that gives you the license to abuse your haters and spam them – without ever letting them know who sent those things, but there’s a lot more you can do with this!

Technically speaking, this kind of system is called PROXY. HideMyIP blends with your browser and displays a fake IP instead of your genuine one. The IPs are based in various countries and the software automatically chooses the best one for you – the one that affects your browsing speed the least.

What do you think would be the size of this app? 200 MB? 100 MB? It’s a mere 1.5 MB! Surprised? I was surprised too when I saw how small this powerful tool is!

You need not worry whether your browser is compatible or not. HideMyIP supports all of the popular browsers – be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera or even Netscape!

What’s even better that HideMyIP also acts as a geotargeting service. Getting your IP changed, you can access various forums and websites which are banned in your country! You can watch US/UK shows which are not telecasted anywhere else – the ones which need a US/UK IP to gain access!

They have decent support, running on the support ticket system, and moreover they have publicized their helpline number. Thus, you don’t ever have to worry about the assistance during the initial days of using this software. Their team is dedicated and always ready to help – you can be assured that if you get stuck anywhere, there will be someone to the rescue!

And how can I forget to mention that they offer lifetime support? Thus, it’s not just during the initial days that you have the right to eat the customer care executive’s head – you can do it anytime! (Seriously!)

Statistically, HideMyIP has been the leader in its category since 2006, and it’s the version 6 of the software live now! The progress of the team is noteworthy which shows how powerful this product is!

And the best part, more than just Windows and Mac – they offer their service to Android devices also, meaning you won’t have to compromise on your phone’s safety either!

How can I get this software?

You can take a test drive of HideMyIP before getting the full version. Thus you can ensure yourself that you are getting the right product of your needs before spending the money.

Talking about the price, the full-fledged version of HideMyIP costs $29.95, which is a one-time fee to unlock your path to anonymity!

Though the price may seem high initially for the 1.5 MB app, looking into the service and the lifetime support, it can be said that the price is worth it, as there is a lot more bundled with the service.

You can buy HideMyIP on their official website!


HideMyIP is indeed a worth-it type of IP hiding service that will ensure your anonymity online, and you won’t ever have to worry about your safety again!

The software is bundled with their much-needed extras, which can prove to be great assets in browsing. What’s cool is that their service is offered to Windows, Mac as well as Android devices! Cool, isn’t it?

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