How to Hide Drive in Windows 8/8.1 By using Command Prompt

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Why do i need to hide drive in windows

if you have a very large number of files to hide then probably you will search for a software program
in the internet. many of the people don’t know there are inbuilt features in windows for hiding a drive. if we use some options in windows, then you can simply hide your drives by following few simple steps. just follow the instructions given below and simply you can hide your drive .

hide drive in windows

There are different methods for hiding a drive which works for all Windows 7/8/8.1 etc and the important thing here is NO SOFTWARE REQUIRED to do that. it’s a simple trick in which we just remove the drive letter from the drives index. Sounds Technical right ??  I will be a bit clear about that. It’s just removing the name from the drive. just follow the steps given below and Hide drive in windows within minutes

You can do either using disk management graphical user interface or by using Group Policy Editor
let’s discuss each methods

How to Hide Drive Using Disk Management  

Disk management is a tool in windows which is used to change the drive letters, create partitions, delete partition, shrink partition and all other disk related operations etc 
for hiding a drive using disk management you should open it first. Pretty good right ??
for that you can just open the run by clicking windows+r button and thus typing the command diskmgmt.msc or you can just right click on my computer select manage option and click on it then you will get a window then select disk management from that. after selecting it you will see all your drives appearing on that window. if you want to hide any drive, just right click on the drive and select Change Drive Letter’s and Path’s then one window will appear just see for the remove option and click on that press enter and Open your My computer …..BANG Drive hidden?? if you want to get back your drive to normal just do vice versa assign a drive letter that’s it . probably this is the easiest way to hide a drive without using software.
Actually the thing is we are not hiding a drive we are just DE indexing the name of the drive. Sounds Technical?? after reading this you may have doubt like “if i am DE indexing the drive from its index are there any chances of losing data? will it effect my hard drive ? the answer is no because we are not doing any thing technical so there are no chances of your hard drive getting damaged. we are just removing the name from the drive nothing more than that. if you want some more methods then here is another 

How to Hide Drive in windows using Group Policy Editor 

open the run by clicking windows+r and type the command gpedit.msc then navigate the path 
User Configuration –>Administrative Templates –> Windows Component –> Windows Explorer
after selecting the windows explorer  just search for hide specific drive in my computer and click on it after doing that you will have the option to hide your drive just select that option and you are done

Both the methods are working fine now but for some operating systems the second method(Group policy One ) is not working if you are had the same problem then just feel free to use the Disk management method hope it will be helpful for you

please feel free to ask any queries or list me any problems in the commenting section so that we can can get you back as soon as possible.

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