Fix Netflix errors in iOS, Windows, Mac and Android


We just love to watch free digital content in high quality during our leisure. Netflix is the application that is compatible with a maximum of the operating system and works flawlessly. People throughout America are migrating to Netflix instead of using traditional cable wires. The vivid amount of streaming options ensures entertainment for every age group and category of people. It has been more than 10 years since Netflix is entertaining people. It is currently offering hottest television shows, movies, music and different varieties of stuff at a very low price range. 

What is smart download and how to use it?

The smart download feature on Netflix helps you to manage the storage space of your gadget. In other words, whatever you download is deleted right after you finish watching it. In case you want to store the stuff longer, just turn off the smart download option. it is only when you are using the Wi-Fi connection, the smart download feature works. Smart download particularly works on the latest Netflix application.

How to fix Netflix errors in Android operating system

Netflix often ends up putting compatibility issues in different Gadgets and software. Luckily, there is nothing at all to panic because there are certain solutions that would immediately fix up the Netflix errors in your Android phone.

  • Download Netflix v4.16

In order to fight with compatibility issues, just download the older version of the application and you can probably help your phone to support the content better. The apk version of Netflix is almost error-free and helps in resolving the majority of user issues.

  • Netflix error 12001

The error code arises while watching stuff on Android devices. It means that there is some information collected in the application that has to be cleared right away. Restart your Android device and clear the Netflix application data by following these steps

– Visit the settings and choose the applications menu

– Choose Netflix and move towards the storage section of the application 

– Hit the clear cache option and try opening the Netflix with resolved issue

  • Netflix error 10013

The problem generally occurs when you download the Netflix application in your Android operating system. You can easily fix the error by choosing a different internet connection or simply moving onto Wi-Fi data. You can also restart the device and refresh app cached data to resolve this error.

How to Fix Netflix errors on windows

Windows 10  desktop application can end up creating some of the Other amount of troubles and errors without any previous notification. The most common varieties of Windows 10 errors arising in the Netflix application include –

  • Netflix giving black screen
  • There was a problem in download error
  • Netflix getting stuck in the loading screen
  • Error code H403

Easy solutions to fix Netflix errors in Windows 10 PC

  • ReInstallation and resetting

– Press Windows key + I shortcut in order to launch the settings page 

– Choose the Netflix application over there. 

– Now, choose the advanced option and terminate all the processes associated with the application. -The reset option will immediately remove all the user data and reinstall the application for fixing the Netflix error.

  • Disable Heci service

The content protection in an Intel PC is initiated by heci service. you need to disable that for enjoying Netflix.

– Press Windows key + R shortcut and hit enter 

– Now untick content protection and go back to point 8 

– Update the Intel graphics Driver enable heci service again 

 probably you have fixed the Netflix error in Windows 10

  • Updating application

– Launch the windows store and choose to download and update option. 

– In case of any update pending, you will be communicated right there.

  • Troubleshoot option for Windows 10

There is a troubleshooting option for all the windows applications that you have installed using the official windows store.

– Launch the Settings and search for the find and fix the problem which Microsoft Store apps.

– Follow the popup and apply repair.

– Follow the onscreen instructions

– You will automatically receive the solution on screen

  •  Firewall settings

Disabling your Windows firewall settings and antivirus would help in resolving the Netflix errors on Windows 10 PC. You need to allow the application in the firewall of your computer in order to remove glitches.

  • Update Graphics Driver

– Launch the device manager in the start menu 

– Choose graphics Driver located right under-display adaptors 

– Right-click on update driver option -wait for a few seconds and your Netflix application will start working once again

  • Remove DNS cache

Whoops! something went wrong error is the most irritating pop up arriving on Windows 10 screen. Just flush away the DNS cache and resolve the Netflix error successfully.

  • Allow GPU access

When your Netflix cannot access GPU in the motherboard, just enable option manually in the settings and searching for graphic settings.

– Choose the universal application located in the drop-down menu and select Netflix. 

– Now add Netflix to GPU and you will eventually find options where you can select high performance. Probably, your Netflix application will give you better quality entertainment with slightly more data consumption.

Common Netflix errors due to Network issues

  • Netflix error 5009 / 40104 / 100 1 / 5403

Most of the time, Netflix errors arise because of network issues. In order to fix them up, just follow the below solutions –

– Restart your digital device and clear the Netflix data.

– You can also uninstall the application and reinstall it once again.

– Switch off the internet and switched on once again

How to fix Netflix errors on ios, iPhone, iPad 

Your iPhone and iPad are not exceptional to Netflix’s errors. IOS operating system can also face the Netflix issues just like any other platform.

  • Netflix error 1012 and 1011

– Launch the settings in your iPhone or iPad and locate Netflix application 

– Click on it and you will get certain options of resettings. 

– Just choose it and you will eventually fix the Netflix error.

  • Netflix error 1016

This particular Netflix error occurs most of the time occurs because of your airplane mode being activated. Just check it out and do the needful. Restarting your iOS device would also help in eradicating the trouble.

How to fix Netflix errors in Mac PC?

Your mac PC might face the Netflix error because of some kind of data being stored in the Safari browser. Have a look at it once in order to remove Netflix error-

  • Website data issue

– Launch the Safari browser using your Mac computer and locate the menu 

– Move on to the preferences option. 

– Choose the privacy option and eventually hit cookies and website data.

– Hit manage website data and remove the website data for Netflix.

  • Cookies error

– Pay a visit to Netflix.Com/ clear cookies 

– Access your Netflix account and use the application once again.

Netflix error for fire TV/ stick

Netflix error 100 is quite common in Amazon fire stick and smart TV devices. It’s very easy to resolve the issue through the following options.

– Unplug your device from the power connection for 1 minute and plug it back back once again. 

– Reset the fire stick to the default settings.

– Check for the software updates -contact the TV support.

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