26 cool Funny google search tricks

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Type tilt on the google search and you will be displayed with search results with a small variation in viewing angles.

2.”Do a barrel roll” or “Z or R twice”

Search for “DO A BARREL ROLL” or “Z or R twice” on google then your browsers display area will be rotated with 360 degrees angle towards right and will be positioned as it was before.

3.Zerg Rush

This will introduce a bunch of “O”s into your browsers display area and the search results will be destroyed by them.Click each ‘O’ three-time to kill it

4.Google Sky

type on google sky and click on the 1st result.Then you will be displayed with the galaxy view just like that of google maps.

Similarly, u can find google moon and google stars

5.Atari Breakout

This is a game trick. you can play a game in your browser by searching search for atari breakout in google and go for images.Then the images result collectively form a game. You will be having five chances before ending the game.

6. elgoog(Google Mirror)

This displays the everything as if they were seen in a mirror.

7.I’m feeling lucky

Even if you don’t search for anything on google and if you press “I’m feeling lucky” button on google home page then you will displayed with all the doodle that google used in the past i.e DOODLE ARCHIVE.This helps you to know important days and events that are popular worldwide

8.Google Rainbow

Type google rainbow and go on with the first result.This displays your browser with rainbow colors, texts will be blinking with different colors and all others turn colorful.


Here you can create your custom logo for google search page and customize it.

10.Google Gravity

This is one of the tricks from ELGOOG .This shows the elements on web page falling down due to Gravity

11.Google Pacman

This gives you a search result of Pacman game which is a Doodle Google Home Page for 30th anniversary of Pacman game i.e on 21 May 2010

12.Google mental plex

It displays a page created by google which was made on occasion of April 1st (fools day) in 2000

13.Google Sphere

This will make the text rotate around the google logo.If you search for something then the search results will also be rotated around the logo

14.Epic Google

This increases the size of google home page, with a rapid pace.

15.Google Guitar

This gives you a visual guitar with which you can play music on your browser.Keystrokes for melodies like Twinkle twinkle, Happy Birthday, Harry Potter, Forest Gump are also provided in this google guitar doodle home page.

16.Google Pond

This displays the Google home page as if it was in the pond and shows water waves when the mouse pointer hovers on the text area.

17.Google Underwater

Type this and click on I’m feeling lucky. Google page will be displayed as if it was in water along with fishes, sharks.Here you can make some waves in water and you can make the search box float.

18.Google Loco
It is similar to Google Gravity trick but differs in language

19.Google Terminal
Want to know how google looked like in 1980’s, then here you go with a search of Google Terminal.

20.Blink HTML

The Words “blink” and “HTML” will be blinking

21.Bletchley Park

Do a search for Bletchley park then the name looks like being decoded! which was a site of UK’s code-breaking efforts during World War II

22. Blank search

Do a Blank search on Google play and then google automatically searches for unicorns and displays related results

23.Google Snake

It is a search trick as a part of Google Mirror. It is a Snake Game Doodle by Google welcoming Chinese New Year in the year 2013.

24.Annoying Google

Search for annoying google and go with the 1st result, then type something in the search box .You will find the letters changing into upper case and lower case.

Top 7 Killer Link Building Strategies You Must Try In 2016

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Basically, links are the connections made when someone hyperlinks from their usual website back to your website and so it is a sign that someone thinks your content or website is good. Link Building Strategies is one of the most challenging things you will ever do in SEO.

Only links are not everything, but you need as a proper link building strategy that will be followed for your link building and then it can add a lot more value than expected. Therefore, Google is continuously updating their stats and it has affected the link building strategies of various brands and many old link building methods are of no use today. Regular updates google have changed the way links are built for a website.

Top 7 Killer Link Building Strategies You Must Try In 2016

        Top 7 Killer Link Building Strategies You Must Try In 2016

The practical benefits of link building strategies are clear as more links mean more people are reviewing your website and that means more leads, and more leads means more conversions which will further generate more revenue.

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Top 7 Killer Link Building Strategies :

Now, it is very important to set an overall link building strategy to be followed for the success of your campaign and some of the best are described as follows:

1. Outsourcing your work

Hiring an outside agency for link building

Hiring an outside agency for link building makes sense when your company is mature enough that you are also hiring outside help for business services. You can also hire a firm that will do this kind of work for you from creating different strategies to finding opportunities and developing the links. Therefore, when hiring an agency, you should check its references and ask them about the process and further see if it matches up with what you want, or with what’s worked for you so far.

In context to link building, the nonprofit recently adopted as member code of ethics that requires board of directors to adhere to Google’s webmaster quality guidelines and you can also check with your local better business bureau or any organization that will help you find reputable agencies to help with you in link building.

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2. Iteration


Like everything else we do in business, iteration is also vitally important for link building strategies.In this type of strategy, you can basically track your work or that of your contractors to see what is working and what is not for your business.This can be applied to the content you create, the tactics you employ for getting those links or your list of targeted websites from which you want various links.

3. Submit press releases to various sites

Submit press releases to various sites

This is the another commonly used link building strategies because press releases are extremely useful services for all internet marketers that allow them to get the word out about a product they have developed or various  new services that they have launched. Therefore, you can create a press release and submit it to a free or paid press release sites which are popularly used these days.

Press websites what usually do is that it link back to your site or blog and for this all you need to do is to create just one press release and further submit it to a number of these types of sites for maximum number of backlinks.

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4. Write guest posts on only relevant blogs

Write guest posts on only relevant blogs

Guest blogging is a technique that involves writing an article or blog post and submitting them to authority sites for further approval and therefore, as a blogger you should always look for such opportunities to guest blog on various other relevant blogs of your interest.

So, guest blogging is a win-win situation for both yourself and the owner of the other blog who uses your article or blog, as then only you get a link that is worth a lot of money for you and by this he can get an informative content, free of cost.

5. Use social media marketing platforms

social media marketing

There are various social media sites which are an integral part of your link building strategies. You can easily sign up with all these type of popular social media platforms and can create your company bio on them with a link to your site as well.

Further, you can also create a Facebook fan page as this would definitely help you to market your products and services more efficiently so that you can achieve a huge number of links in return and that too in quick time.

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6. Give testimonials for various products and services you provide

testimonials for various products and services

Now a days this is very common strategy to build links. So, if you are using any of the services or product of any company then do not forget to write testimonial about them and always ask them to put your testimonial on their homepage because companies providing products & services love to show their user’s reviews which are on their products and it helps them to get more conversions.

This will help you in as way as and when any website shows your testimonials; they will always provide a back link to your website to make the testimonial look genuine and it solves your purpose too.

7. Use Google alerts for link generation

Google alerts for link generation

Google alerts are one of the most powerful and often easily overlooked, link building strategy tools at your disposal.When anyone adds your business name online you will always want them to link to you and for this google alerts allows everyone across the web to keep the record of various brands. You can do this by first heading over to google alerts and enter the term or area you want to get alerts for.

After this, choose how often you want to receive alerts and it will purely depend on what you are monitoring and then you can choose the method of receiving alerts that is via email.

Conclusion :

link building strategies 2016

Therefore, this was all about the best and various killer link building strategies which you must try in and from the above list you can easily choose the best strategy for yourself. So, start your new journey by building strong links for your blogs.

Top 5 Android Apps for Your Phone in 2016

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The world of smartphones is evolving at a rapid pace. With new updates and tweaks from time to time, we are witnessing faster smartphones and more sophisticated lives. As the open-source Android OS is leading the revolution in the smartphone industry, extremely useful apps are popping up every day to make our lives easy.

Here are the top 5 Android Apps you must install on your phone in 2016. You will realize the importance of these apps once you start using them.

  1. Amazon India

Amazon india


The largest internet-based retailer, Amazon.com’s Indian arm a.k.a Amazon India (Amazon.in) is performing extremely well. The e-commerce site, in recent times has been a serious competitor to home-grown e-tailers like Flipkart and Snapdeal.

The Amazon India app is one of the coolest shopping apps available. With just a few touches, you can order the product of your choice with ease. Things get easier with Coupons for amazon  from CashKaro.com which give customers over-the-top cashback on all orders. Try it for FREE from Google Play and you will definitely love it!

  1. Paytm



A useful app for instant mobile, DTH and data card recharges, Paytm is a must-have app on an Android smartphone. The digital wallet that comes integrated with the application gives another reason to use it. You can book train tickets, shop from various online retailers and make transactions using the integrated Paytm wallet.

There are some paytm offers that are available on a day-to-day basis that greatly maximizes the benefit that one can get from using the application.

  1. Uber


A smart application for solving the commuting problem of people in cities, Uber makes it easy to find a cab in your city. It is a huge boom for people who are new to a certain city or place and have a hard time figuring out their way.

By making use of Uber rides, one can save money on travelling without the pain of bargaining. Try a cab for once and we are sure that you will be hooked to it forever!




  1. Evernote



The application that notes down everything you want to note down, Evernote is a must-have on your Android smartphone. The simple application acts as a go-to destination for noting down everything you think is important and save them for later use.

Though there is a free trial version of the app, a Premium version is available at no additional cost for select handsets. Check out if your phone is compatible for the FREE premium version of Evernote.


  1. Facebook



Though pre-installed on a lot of smartphones, some phones don’t come readily with Facebook. In such a case, it is essential to download the application from Google Play and install it. An amazing way to ensure that you are connected to the world at all times, Facebook on an Android device is a huge boon.

You can chat with family and friends, plan events, meet new people and get informed on all the latest happenings with the help of Facebook for mobile. If you still haven’t tried it out, it is high time you do so now!



[Case Study] How I Expected $100 And Surprisingly Made $$$$ From An Event Niche Blog

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Hello Friends, Nowadays the Trend for the term “Event Blogging” is growing like anything among the Bloggers. Today through this post I am Sharing my experience from my very first Event Niche blog. Today I will be revealing few Tips and tricks which made my Event blog a Successful one.

TechGeek Event Niche Blog

I started Blogging On Dec 31st 2014 and obviously I was also struggling to make that single “$” from my blog like few of you would be struggling now. At that time I was Like How the hell these people were earning this huge money ? and why I was not ? Trust me guys I was too bad at blogging I didn’t even knew what Adsense was? What WordPress was? I just knew how to write some articles and how to change the blogger templates 😛 .

As a Mechanical Engineering student these things were very strange for me but because of my love towards PC and Internet I decided to learn. Then I got Introduced to many Bloggers who were making really huge money. I started learning what they did and even made many friends online who were there to help me in trouble. Basically I had 2 mentors in blogging one was there to guide me VENKATESH GEDDAM and the other was there to teach me “GOOGLE“.

What Is an Event Niche Blog :

During this journey I came to know about a new term “EVENT BLOGGING” and people earning’s from it made me crazy. So we decided to give it a try which gave me ultimate results. For the newbies here Event Based blogs are the blogs which are created and ranked in Advance for a particular upcoming event like Diwali, New year, Valentines day etc.Such that they receive Huge traffic on the day of the event to their blogs organically and result in making Huge revenue only on that event day

Hope you all understood what is an Event Niche Blog and You would have seen many of them. There are many bloggers who made thousands of Dollars from these kind of Event Niche based blogs.But these are not that simple to build as it appears to be. It takes several Sleepless nights and efforts to make it a successful one.

Basically in the start of our journey in blogging we require some investment. Event blogs are the best way to generate those investments.That is the reason I did this event and now I got sufficient money to reinvest in Blogging. So this is a Simple but worthy Case study of my Event blog.

Here is How I did it :


Its the most Important part for the Success rate of your event blog. If you do not research this step properly then all your hard work as well as your Time invested will go in vain. Here is what I did in this step. I simply had a glance over the upcoming various events (Sports,results,festivals,tv shows etc) on the calendar. And then I selected the TV show niche and Selected an Event “BIGG BOSS 9, I selected that event on the basis of the searches for that event in the previous year. For checking the average monthly search simply go to “Google Keyword planner” and Type Bigg Boss  and select the time period and click on get ideas. There you will be given with the reports for the Avg Monthly searches for that particular keyword. You can select any Event of your choice but look for proper metrics and see the Targeted countries and all. Here are the reports I found for the keyword Bigg Boss.

Reports found for the keyword Bigg Boss Event niche blog

By this process I selected few keywords which  I wanted to Rank for. One more reason to select this Event was that I saw all the previous seasons of Bigg boss show 🙂 that is why I clearly knew the format and how the show is going to be and what the viewers need. Have a good knowledge on what you are going to do. So after selecting the event here comes the next step Buying and registering a domain name.


After selecting the event, Simply select few keywords you want to rank for. Then go to any domain name registrar like BigRock,Godaddy etc. Try to get a Top level Domain (TLD). It means try to have an exact mach domain name to your keyword. Example for TLD – Biggboss9updates.com, biggbosslive.com etc .There will be many available choose according to your keyword. The main advantage of TLD’s is that If everything going according to plan then there are chances that If people search for that particular keyword then you can be ranking on top. For that I simply went to google and searched for “99 Rs Godaddy domain 😛 ” then clicked on the first result and Registered a domain containing my keywords at just Rs 111 on Jun 25 2015 i.e approximately 3 and half months prior to the event.


After registering my Exact match Domain name I was pretty much excited for that event. I decided to build my blog on Blogger because I didn’t have investment for those Hostings. But if you think that Just selecting an Event and Buying an EMD will fetch you $$$ then you are absolutely wrong. Still I believe Content is the King. Since day one I started posting content on my blog with selected keywords rich articles with 400-800 words.I didn’t copy any content except Images and tried maximum to provide my own content on my blog.

Here is the key guys, You need to focus on “On page SEO with user engagement” . You need to treat these kind of events as a Micro-niche blog Instead of Ultra spam Event blogs.

The Show started on Oct 11th and by then there were 15 articles on my blog and It ended on Jan 23rd 2016 by then I had 33. Here is an Image after completion of the event displaying the page views I obtained on few articles 😀 .These were really over my expectations.

pageviews on My Event Blog

Here are the tips for posting Excellent quality article :

  • Do not Stuff the Keywords in this kind of events because these are to be taken care as a MicroNiche blog instead of Event.
  • Try to make a catchy Unique headline for the post, Try including year and dates in it.
  • Write in the user point of view.
  • Keyword rich article. I said rich not stuffed !
  • Interlinking Helps a Lot ! Do not forget this.
  • You can use Spinned articles. But don’t know why I didn’t used it.
  • Make your site stay updated with fresh News.


After posting content and setting up my blog there was an important thing left that was Link Building. I started building links from the day one Itself. Here are the things I did in link building process –

  1. Directory Submissions.
  2. Manual Comment Link building.
  3. Building Responses.
  4. InterLinking Articles.
  5. Massive Social sharing on FB groups and pages, Google + Communities, Twitter, Stumble upon, Pinterest, Linkedin.

Here is a small step by step Guide on how I built Good quality Backlinks for My Event based blog

Step 1 : Find Few Top Ranking Event Blogs

For this simply go to google and search for any nearest upcoming event. For me they were “Diwali, black friday, New year, Halloween etc”. Search these terms in google and select a few sites which are ranking on the top in Google for those terms.

Step 2 : Check the metrics of those Event Blogs

To check the Metrics Simply copy the link of the particular site and paste it in the Openlinkprofiler and click on analyze Backlinks.


Now a new window appears, In that go to “LIS” section and change the value from 50 % – 100% as per your wish. Here is a pic how to do it


Now the list will be Filtered and just go and throw your links on those page. Similarly use other URL’s and make links there too.

Step 3 : Link Building Frequency

Do we Have to follow any link building frequency ?? Actually the answer is yes but I did not follow any rule like that. I just built links daily until i got bored 😛 .  But remember ” Keep Building 5 Links a Day and Get the Rankigs on your Way. As this was a 3 months event so the backlinks won’t index in a day it may take weeks to get indexed. So build links until you get bored and enjoy during event.

Link Building Frequency

These pics were taken after completion of the events as I did not expect That I will write something like this. So never mind, Here is another screenshot from Ahref dashboard

screenshot from Ahref dashboard

During Building links concentrate on Anchor texts. If you use wrong Anchor text then you will not rank for your required keyword. Try using different anchor texts for different sites. Build links for both Homepage and posts as well for your Event Niche Blog. I didn’t use any link indexer, Just used the Google Webmaster Fetching feature and it worked for me like charm.

And most Important point to Bank from these kind of events is Share on social Media like hell. I created a FB page 1 month before the event and used the trending tags and posted some interesting stuff and got 5k+ likes on fb page. Similarly posted on various g+ community and used the trending tags in Twitter and got number of retweets . Post on Stumbleupon and pinterest also.

Hence these were the things Which I remember I did in Link building process.


You can monetize with many ad networks But Adsense is the best.Place the ads 2-3 days prior to the event date. If you think that just placing ads will fetch you thousands of dollars then read this.

This was the most funniest thing happened with me, One day during the event I got a realtime of 2000+ on my site and I was on cloud nine 😀 Excitedly I opened my Adsense account and saw 23 $ then I was like WTF 🙁  Then I got to know regarding optimizing Page load time, CPC, CTR,  Ads placement by my friend Pranay Anumula 🙂 . As this was an Indian Event so we cant expect High cpc (I had CPC about 0.09 to 0.11) But the problem was with CTR and page load time. So we decided to change theme and used a simply light clean theme and before changing the theme and all I was earning 10-15 $ per day and after changing the CTR increased and we started making $300+ everyday. Experimented few ads placement and found the best for us. We utilized Link ads & custom ads. We will share those placements in another detailed post soon.

Few of the people suggested me using some Clickjack scripts. It would have given me more earnings but as I expected for $100 only and got $2000+ without any scripts I was happy with that. Because mates Something is Better Than NOTHING 😛 ! That’s why  didn’t took any risk with my earnings.


After this much hard work, Lets discuss what outcomes I got with this work.

For some of the Major keywords of Bigg boss I even outranked the official website of bigg boss too for several weeks. Even There was a Google realtime update In the middle of my event. Frankly speaking that too helped me a lot by removing my competitors from my way 😛 . Here is the Google snippet of my site, It started giving me authority and Importance due to the Onpage SEO .

Google snippet of my Event Niche blog

I started this event blog just expecting to earn a $100 as this was my first event Niche but ended up making $2000+  Like a BOSS 🙂 .

Event blog Adsense screenshot

The Highest Realtime Recorded by me on my Event Niche blog was 6500 realtime visitors. As i was on blogger so didn’t have any problem of hosting. If you want to know my real experience then give it a try and feel it by yourself.

 Highest Realtime Recorded


After reading this all I am sure you all would be excited to make an Event blog and Rank and Bank from it. See guys I have a suggestion for you Don’t fear of failure like whether I can rank or not , whether I will make money or not. Give it a try as many people use these event blogs to kickstart their careers. Remember the fact What you know is not Important, Applying What you know is Important . So Keep Hustling, learning & Earning with focus and dedication and you will also surely rock.

” You will Either End up with EARNING Something or Definitely LEARNING something  “

Hope you found this Post on How I made $$$$ from my first Event Niche blog Helpful and Informative. Many more tips and tricks are on the way coming soon. So keep visiting us for more Tech and Blogging stuff.

In case we forgot to state something or if you have any doubts regarding Event Niche Blog then please feel free to drop a comment below. I will try to reply as soon as possible to you 🙂 .


Things to keep in mind while shopping online

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E-commerce has opened a whole new horizon to people over the years. People have found a new comfort zone that is purely blissful. Now there is no denying the fact that with the introduction of the online mode for purchase and doing various activities, it has actually helped technology to surpass its boundaries. One can simply sit at home and shop from anywhere in the world and get everything delivered at their doorstep without any hassle.

Many people are not tech savvy and thus they might still use the traditional modes for purchasing or booking tickets. People still go the stores every time to recharge their mobiles or pay their bills by standing in the queue for hours.  Well, for those who are still not tech savvy, this article can help you to understand and restore your faith into technology to a certain extent. Beginners might find it hard for the first time but this is the easiest way to shop and all you need is few minutes to get started.

Host site

Say, you are looking forward to pay your DTH bills or recharge your prepaid number or even pay your electricity bills, all you need it to sit and log into the host site of your state electricity board. Every site has a provision for online payment and the transactions are safe and secure. Once you are directed towards the bank site, you can select the payment mode using your credit or debit card. Some even support digital wallet or e-cash for transactions. To save more your bills, you can use the paytm coupons.


Purchasing anything online is quite easy but you need to know that every suite offers different prices based on their availability and stock. So it is always wiser to compare the between many sites and make sure you use the sites which have a better ranking. You can simply use the fabfurnish coupons and save great deals on your furniture.


Always look for sites having SSL technology. These sites will https which ensure safe and secure transactions. If you are looking to save up on your mobile bills, then use the freecharge coupons on the checkout.


Whenever you make online payments on your payment f book flights, make sure you check your card statements. This helps you to stay updated and if you are quite apprehensive about paying online then simply select Cash on Delivery option. If you are planning to book hotels then skip the agents and use the Yatra coupons instead and get great deals.

9 Notepad tricks which you should try right now

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Notepad tricks – We will reveal the Cool Notepad tricks Here.These are the best tricks to play on our friends and to change the functionality of a particular event like opening a CD drive, Turning off your PC etc..,If you know some stuff regarding the batch programming, Then, you can do hell lot of notepad tricks by your known. If you don’t know! cool.. we will make you learn. Here I have listed some really cool and funny notepad tricks to play the prank on your friends.

9 Notepad tricks which you should try right now

                                                Notepad tricks

Best Notepad tricks for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

1)Notepad trick for Matrix rain

Matrix rain is a program which will allow us to show series of random numbers falling from the top. Generally it is used in movies shown with the green text(numbers) falling on the background.

@echo off
echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%
goto start

Just copy the above code in the notepad and then, save it with “name.bat”. After creating it, just click on that batch file and done. Now you can see the matrix rain in your computer.

2)Notepad Trick to Make unlimited folders

This is a simple prank which creates thousands of folders within a single click. You can just play this trick by giving that batch file to any of your friends.

@echo off
md %random%
goto start

Just copy the above code in notepad and then, put it in a notepad file and save it with the “name.bat”. You can write any name in the place of name.bat eg: vir.bat

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3)Notepad Trick to Force shutdown with message

This is a simple notepad trick in which you can shut down your computer with the single click. You will also be prompted with the message which you like. You can give this file to your friend by changing icon and enjoy for some time until he clicks the file

@echo off
msg * Warning!
shutdown -c “Your system is going to crash” -s

Just copy the above code in notepad and save the above file with "name.bat" and then, click on it. You will receive a message warning and it displays message your system is going to crash on shutdown. This is the best notepad trick to play prank on your friend.

[sociallocker id=1555][/sociallocker]

4)Notepad Trick to Repeat the message continuously

Here by using this script, You can simply repeat the message unlimited times.Just type any message in the place of “Type your message etc..,”Then, just open the notepad and save the below code with name.vbs and then run it. 

Set wshShell = wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "Type your message which is to bet repeated"

By using the above script, you can repeat the message continuously.

5)Notepad Trick to open and close CD-ROM drive

Here, by using this trick you can play with the CD-ROM by opening and closing it. Just copy the below code and paste it into a notepad file and save with name.vbs

Set oWMP = CreateObject(“WMPlayer.OCX.7?)
Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection
if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count – 1
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count – 1
End If
wscript.sleep 5000

Using this Notepad trick, you can simply prank your friend by repeatedly opening and closing his CD-ROM drive.

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6)Notepad Trick for- Text to Audio converter

By using the below code, you can Transform text to voice. Just copy the code in the notepad file and save it with name file.vbs

Dim msg, sapi
msg=InputBox("Enter your text","Altechgeek audi0 converter")
Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
sapi.Speak msg

When you double click on that file, You will be prompted to write a text and that will be converted to audio.

7)Notepad Trick to Completely format your c drive with one click 

By using this program, you can completely delete or format your c drive. This is a small binary trick, by using which you can delete your entire c drive.

100000011000110011101001011100 0010000000101111010100010010111101011000

Just copy the above binary code in a notepad file and save it as name.exe. After creating it, just click on that and your c drive will be crashed.

So far, these are the best funny and cool notepad tricks for you. If you have any doubts about Notepad tricks. Then, feel free to ask in the commenting section below.

8) Simple bat Notepad trick to delete System 32 folder from your windows computer

By using this notepad tricks, you can delete or crash the c drive as we can delete system 32 folder from it.  Just copy the below line of code into notepad.


After copying the above line into the text file, save that with anyname.bat  eg: deltest.bat and click on that file. That’s it you or your friends system will be easily crashed by using above method.

9)Notepad trick to stop someone’s internet connection

By using this notepad trick, you can stop someone’s internet connection by using two commands

@echo off
Ipconfig /release

However, this is VERY easy to fix. Simply type in
IPconfig /renew

the above command is used to release the entire data and thus you will lose your IP address. Similarly, IPconfig/renew is used to get back the IP address to the current state.


Wechat for PC – Download Wechat for windows 7/8/8.1

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Download Wechat for PC windows {Official}

Wechat for PC- Wechat, the Chinese instant messenger is now available directly for windows Computer i.e, wechat PC version and can be used without bluestacks. Till date the best instant messenger is WeChat, It has many cool features like voice and video calling just like Whatsapp, Line, Viber etc.., The best feature is Exchanging and sharing files to other Wechatters(a term used for other Wechat users).WeChat made their compatibility for all the platforms like windows, android, and IOS.The another and interesting feature is, WeChat also introduced web Wechat for pc  feature just like Whatsapp web for PC

The news about Wechat for windows announced recently on Wechat blog on June 5, 2015 stating..”In the world where global communication matters, we understand the value of staying connected outside of your smartphone.That’s why we’re excited to announce the English version of WeChat for Windows PC/Computer, ” through their wechat blog post.

By reading the above stuff, you are excited to use the Brand new Wechat PC client for windows, Aren’t you?? If yes! here are the steps you need to follow for downloading and installing Wechat on windows PC

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How to install and use Wechat on PC

Steps to install Wechat on windows Computer

Step 1: Open Wechat’s official website, and Hover over to the download section of that page.

wechat for pc

Click on the windows icon which is highlighted There. Then, you will be navigated to the page having wechat for PC. Just click on download or you can download from below.

download wechat on pc

Step 2: After clicking on windows, the Wechat setup file will be downloaded automatically onto your computer.

Step 3: Double click on Wechat.exe setup file and check I agreed to terms and policy and click on install Wechat.[/sociallocker]

wechatinstall wizard

Step 4: After completing it, click on run.

Step 5: Then, Open Wechat in your phoneHead over to settings->general settings->Web wechat

Step 6: Then, Just scan the QR code with your mobile and Done You will be logged in. If you want to log out from PC then You can do that from mobile. It’s just about to take few clicks.Just click on Logout from windows Wechat

wechat qr code

The another best thing in this messenger is, You can send files from the windows PC. If you want to send files from Wechat on PC then follow these simple steps

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How to Send files from Wechat

This is one of the best features which is exclusively available for wechat i.e, You can send files from your Wechat account to your friends account. Just follow these simple steps for sending files from Wechat

Step 1: Open the Wechat on Windows PC application by clicking on it.

Step 2: Click on the contact for which you want to send files.

Step 3: Click on the small window icon on the chat box to add files to it.

Step 4: Add the files which you want to send and Hit on send button That’s it you are done.

These are the basic steps for installing Wechat on PC without using an emulator. If you are facing any issues while installing wechat for PC on windows or having trouble logging into windows Wechat, Then feel free to ask in the commenting section below


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If you liked our article, then just comment below with your views. Also if you get any problems while running, installing or using Wechat for PC, then you can drop a comment or contact us via contact form and we will be happy to help you out in every possible way! Yes we are always here, just an email and a ping away, cheers.

CouponMama Review: Get Substantial Discounts with Coupons

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Because of convenience and availability of most of the products at a reasonable price, online shopping has gained a lot of popularity. A large number of discounts and the coupons are offered when you shop online to assist you in reducing your shopping bill. Coupon websites provides discounts on large number of product ranging from clothes, electronics and various other items that might be needed by you. Here we shall talk about all such offers and deals.

Many coupon sites are available which may be explored for getting coupons but quite a few of these are misleading and are spam or carry the expired coupons. CouponMama is generally a favored site offering discount coupons on a number of ecommerce websites that are listed on website.


On using these coupons, substantial discount would be offered to you online while buying specific items. Jabong discount coupons, Trendin coupons and Zivame coupons can be used for getting discounts on different products such as apparels, electronics, shoes, makeup products, appliances etc. These discounts vary from 5% to 60% and would go a long way to bring down the expenses on your shopping substantially and are available throughout the year.

cm 2

This website is meant for providing discount coupons for different ecommerce sites. Large number of coupons like Limeroad, Zovi and Purplle coupons are introduced every day. Regular buyers online should subscribe for these so that you remain informed about their coupons and deals. The website is very user friendly and provides coupons for the websites that sell different items such as tablets, mobiles etc, you would be in a position to understand and navigate it. It is a very responsive website. You would be able to browse for coupons even if there is low internet speed and obtain coupons you need for the product required.

cm 3

You can get particular coupon for specific site only because of easy navigation. The coupons got from CouponMama.co.in can be utilized easily by just clicking for activating the deal for getting redirected to the page. The coupon would just pop up on screen. You can copy this coupon directly and utilize it for buying what you need. This is amongst the best sites which provide huge number of discount coupons especially during important events, special occasions and mega sales.

You need to go to coupon site and open the website that you are interested in purchasing from. Click to open page and the full list of latest coupons will be there for you to use giving their expiry date. Select the coupon of your interest and click on link for opening the code. You would be taken straight to products on which this coupon is valid along with the coupon code that has to be applied at payment stage. Copy coupon code and paste it in box meant for applying for coupons. Discount will be applied to cost of product and new discounted price will be displayed and this is the amount to be paid. Select payment gateway and pay. That’s it, you’ve got your product at a deep discounted price.

CouponDekho Review- No More Waiting For Sale Time

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Indians are fond of haggling for prices and this comes naturally to us and we are always looking for good bargains. However this is not needed while shopping online. Online merchants compensate for this by offering discounts all year round. They save you from the hassle of requesting the dealer from giving you a discount. Those looking for more should opt for deals and coupon codes. The codes may be used at the time of making payment for getting extra advantage. Various types of codes offering providing different types of discounts can be availed. These are easily available on many sites offering you the coupon codes for literally all big or small merchant online.




It is always better to go through the terms and conditions mentioned on these codes before utilizing them. Though these codes are offered free of cost but there is possibilities of you getting very attractive coupon for a little known site and might eventually have difficulty in delivery of the product or some other difficulty. Best to go for reputed companies like Shopclues coupons, Flipkart and Snapdeal discount coupons as they have a flawless reputation. You can check worthiness of a site by going through the rating and reviews of the sites by the users. Generally these coupons are for specific reasonable amount as online shopping has become quite popular.

cd 2


Those shopping regularly online should search for such sites for getting a good discount.  Amongst all coupon sites CouponDekho is the best site for getting latest coupons online for various online retail brands in 14 categories. It includes major retail sites from Foodpanda coupons, FabFurnish, HomeShop18, Yebhi, Pepperfry and many more. It is very simple to search for coupons on the site because this has been divided in many broad categories. Browsing can be done through “New Coupons”, “Top Coupons”, “Top Deals” and the “Expiring Coupons”.

Those wanting coupons for specific product can browse for coupons based on the product such as tablets, flights, mobile, furniture, hotel and books etc on www.coupondekho.co.in. Browsing can also be done based on categories. You can also avail “Cash back Offers” in some of these websites with the help of coupons. Because of tie-up with some leading brands, it also offers special discount coupons for them. The website also has section offering daily offers and coupons.



This site deals with huge range of deals and coupons. It has neat categories making it simple to browse and search for the coupons. Browsing can be done as per brand discounts, top coupon deals, merchants or new coupon deals. Makemytrip, Goibibo and Travelguru coupons are some of the most wanted travel coupons.  The categories include shopping, flights, airlines, travel, mobile and accessories, fast food, gifts, deals, web hosting, airlines, flights and also hotels.

Airlines category deals directly with the Airlines. Similarly hotel section features attractive deals. Few coupons for offline merchants particularly in food section are also offered. Its reviews and the ratings for all its coupons and deals are its biggest asset. The website has a tie-up with many major and reputed brands and provides exclusive coupons for few retailers. It is better to register with them for their newsletter to ensure that their latest deals and offers are not missed out.


Top 101 Keyboard shortcuts you must know – TechGeek

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Keyboard shortcuts:


Keyboard shortcuts are basically a simple combo of two or more keys available on your keyboard.Basically keyboard shortcuts are preferred to avoid the excessive use of mouse.With the help of which our working on the computer gets easier and also efficient.

Keyboard shortcuts saves our time as well makes the computer operating very much “HANDY”.Like if you are using multiple tabs then you are having various Keyboard shortcuts to use,Keyboard shortcuts can be also used in Paint,Word document,Normal operating,Photoshop etc.

So here is a list of Top Keyboard shortcuts Which you must know:

Top General Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+C – (Copy the Item)
  • Ctrl+A – (Select all)
  • Ctrl+V -(Paste the selected Item)
  • Ctrl+X– (Cut the Item)
  • Ctrl+Z -(Undo an action)
  • Ctrl+Y – (Redo an action)
  • Delete – (Delete an Item and send to Recycle bin)
  • Shift+Delete – (Delete permanently)
  • Alt+Tab – (Switch between open apps)
  • Alt+Spacebar – (Open the shortcut menu for the active window)
  • Alt+Esc – (Switch through items in the order that they had been opened)
  • Alt+F4 key – (Close the active window)
  • Alt+Enter – (Display the properties of the selected object)
  • Ctrl+shift+N – (Create a new folder)
  • Esc – (stops the current task and exit)
  • Shift + F10 – (Shows the shortcut menu for the selected item)
  • Windows logo key +L – (Switch people or Lock your PC )

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Function Keys Shortcuts:

  • F1 – (Opens Help)
  • F2 – (Rename the selected folder or file)
  • F3 -(Search for a file)
  • F4 -(opens the address bar)
  • F5 -(Refresh)
  • F6 – (Cycle through screen elements in a window)
  • F10-(Opens the Menu Bar in the selcted program)
  • F11 – (Maximize or minimize the active window)

New Windows Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Win logo key‌ + Type anything – (Search your computer)
  • Win logo key‌ + Z -(Opens the available commands in the selected item)
  • Win logo key+ W– (Opens the Search)
  • Win logo key+S -(Open the Search  to search Windows and the web)
  • Win logo key+O -(Lock the screen orientation (portrait or landscape)
  • Win logo key+K – (Open the Devices)
  • Win logo key+I -(Open the Settings)
  • Win logo key+H -(Open the Share)
  • Win logo key+F -(Open the Search to search files in the pc)
  • Win logo key+C-(open the commands for the app)
  • Ctrl+plus (+) -(Zoom in)
  • Ctrl+minus (-) – (Zoom Out)

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Top Dialog Box Keyboard Shortcuts :

  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab -( Move back through tabs)
  • Ctrl+Tab – (Move forward through tabs)
  • Ctrl+number (number 1-9) – (Move to nth tab)
  • Shift+Tab – (Move back through options)
  • Tab – (Move forward through options)
  • Alt+underlined letter – (Perform the corresponding command or select the corresponding option)
  • Arrow keys – (Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons)
  • Spacebar – (Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box)
  • F1 – (Opens Help)
  • F4 -(opens the address bar)

Ease of Accessibility Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Left Alt+left Shift+Num Lock -(Turn Mouse Keys on or off)
  • Left Alt+left Shift+Print Screen – (Turn High Contrast on or off)
  • Right Shift for eight seconds – (Turn Filter Keys on and off)
  • Shift five times – (Turn Sticky Keys on or off)
  • Win logo key + U – (Open Ease of Access Center)
  • Num Lock for five seconds – (Turn Toggle Keys on or off)

Top Windows Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Alt+D – (Select the address bar)
  • Ctrl+E – (Select the search box)
  • Ctrl+F – (Select the search box)
  • Ctrl+N – (Open a new window)
  • Home – (Display the top of the active window)
  • End – (Display the bottom of the active window)
  • Backspace – (View the previous folder)
  • Num Lock+asterisk (*) – (Display all subfolders under the selected folder)
  • Num Lock+plus (+) – (Display the contents of the selected folder)
  • Num Lock+minus (-) – (Collapse the selected folder)
  • Alt+P – (Display the preview pane)
  • Ctrl+mouse scroll wheel – (Change the size and appearance of file and folder icons)

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Word Pad Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+1 -(Provides single line spacing)
  • Ctrl+2 -(Provides double line spacing)
  • Ctrl+5 -(Provides 1.5 lie spacing)
  • Ctrl+= -(Make selected text subscript)
  • Ctrl+Shift+= – (Make selected text superscript)
  • Ctrl+Shift+> -(Increase the font size)
  • Ctrl+Shift+< -(Decrease the font size)
  • Ctrl+Shift+A -(Change characters to all capitals)
  • Ctrl+Shift+L -(Change the bullet style)
  • Ctrl+Home -(Move to the beginning of the document)
  • Ctrl+End -(Move to the end of the document)
  • Ctrl+Page Up -(Move up one page)
  • Ctrl+Page Down-(Move down one page)
  • Ctrl+Delete-(Delete the next word)
  • Shift+F10 -(Show the current shortcut menu)
  • Ctrl+A -(Select the entire document)
  • Ctrl+B -(Make selected text bold)
  • Ctrl+C-(Copy a selection to the Clipboard)
  • Ctrl+D-(Insert a Microsoft Paint drawing)
  • Ctrl+E-(Align text center)
  • Ctrl+F-(Search for text in a document)
  • Ctrl+H-(Replace text in a document)
  • Ctrl+I-(Italicize selected text)
  • Ctrl+J-(Justify text)
  • Ctrl+L-(Align text left)
  • Ctrl+N-(Create a new document)
  • Ctrl+O-(Open an existing document)
  • Ctrl+P-(Print a document)
  • Ctrl+R-(Align text right)
  • Ctrl+S-(Save changes to a document)
  • Ctrl+U-(Underline selected text)
  • Ctrl+V-(Paste a selection from the Clipboard)
  • Ctrl+X-(Cut a selection)
  • Ctrl+Y-(Redo a change)
  • Ctrl+Z-(Undo a change)
  • F12 – (Save the document as a new file)

Hence these were the Top 101 keyboard shortcuts You must know. Hope you found these keyboard shortcuts useful.For more articles visit us regularly.

We have given the top keyboard shortcuts available,but if you have any other keyboard shortcut which has been not included in the above  list then feel free to comment it below in the comment section.

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