List of 7 top social networking sites you must explore 2015

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Top social networking sites:

7 Top social networking sites

The top social networking sites have become a huge craze among the people living in the present Era.Social networking sites have become an important part of our day to day life.

For many of us top social networking sites are just for entertainment and time pass but for some it’s a kind of serious business.

So here on the basis of several factors like Brand, User interface, Communication ability we have picked up 7 top social networking sites among the all.

7 top social networking sites:

1) Facebook:

top social networking sites - fb

  • Facebook which is currently one of the best among the top social networking sites.
  • It brought a new generation in which facebook became a regular daily habit like brushing, bathing etc.
  • If you are searching for an easy way to find friends, family and get connected with them easily.
  • FaceBook is a correct platform for it.
  • As of February 2015 Facebook reached a market capitalization of $212 Billion.More>>

2) Twitter:

top social networking sites - twitter

  • Twitter is a popular microblogging system that enables users to send messages of 140 or less.
  • Like Facebook, Twitter has also changed over the years, becoming a top source for real-time news social sharing site.
  • As of December 2014, Twitter has more than 500 million users, out of which more than 284 million are active users.
  • It is one of the most famous and top social networking sites which makes a simple topic into a hot trending one.
  • Even the powerful persons like Barack Obama and Narendra modi use it too.More>>


top social networking sites - linkedin


  • LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service. Founded in December 2002 and launched on May 5, 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking.
  • In 2006, LinkedIn increased to 20 million members.
  • LinkedIn serves to help individuals and companies to build and maintain them.
  • If you are thinking of extending the web of your career network, LinkedIn is an excellent tool to help you.
  • LinkedIn‘s tagline “Relationships Matter” is very appropriate to show us what this top social networking sites does.
  • If you are looking for solutions for your current or interested industry, LinkedIn is a great place to search for serious and professional answers. More>>


top social networking sites - google+

  • Google+ was launched in the early summer of june in 2011.
  • Features included the ability to post photos and status updates to the interest based communities, group different types of relationships into Circles, a multi-person instant messaging, text and video chat called Hangouts, events, location tagging, and the ability to edit and upload photos to private cloud-based albums.
  • But user engagement has been relatively low, averaging around 7 minutes per user per month.More>>


top social networking sites - myspace

  • Myspace  is a top social networking sites with a strong music emphasis, owned by Specific Media LLC and Justin Timberlake.
  • In April 2008, Myspace was overtaken by Facebook in the number of unique worldwide visitors.
  • Similar to Facebook, users are able to send messages, add friends and comment on the profile page or find people from your email address.
  • It is Available in 15 different languages.
  • MySpace allows customization of profile and integration of features such and blogs, groups, bulletins, widgets.My SpaceAds helps to run an efficient  online marketing campaign.
  • You can make your own advertisement, choose who is able to view it based on profile properties such as listed gender and locations, and pay based on the number of clicks the ads receives.More>>


top social networking sites - digg

  • Digg had been a very popular social news website, allowing people to vote web content up or down, called digging and burying.
  • Digg creates the trend or the talking topic online as the Digg users discuss or vote for the topic that best interests them.
  • These contents include from anything from technology to sports.
  • Digg is basically about discussing and sharing various websites .
  • This social networking site can help the Online publishers, bloggers, marketers and PR personnel to Digg the traffic to there site.More>>


top social networking sites - instagram

  • Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and top social networking sites that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.
  • Instagram is very easy and fun to use we are given an inbuilt photo editor which gives us the freedom to edit our original pics into various forms.
  • It is used by the App mostly.
  • The service rapidly gained popularity, with over 100 million active users as of April 2012 and over 300 million as of December 2014.More>>

So this is what we have regarding top social networking sites in our store for you.

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9 best cheap earphones Available in India 2015

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Best cheap earphones 2015 :

Need best cheap earphones?If you are in a search of very good sound output earphones with an affordable price tag ,then you have landed on the right page.Today I am going to show you top 9 best cheap earphones in India with price tag below 1500/-.

best cheap earphones

Here we will be showing you 9 best cheap earphones according our use and buyers review.So just select the one which comes under your budget.

Here is a list of 9 best cheap earphones of 2015 which you can get in India.

 9 best cheap earphones:

1) Mi In-ear Headphone(Piston Design): Rs 799/-

Mi In-ear Headphone(Piston Design)

Key Features:

  • Anti-tangle Cable Made of Braided Kevlar Cord.
  • Filters Unwanted Sound Waves for Best quality Sound.
  • Boosts Sound Performance and Stabilizing High and Low-Frequency Effects.
  • Headset design is of a Canal phones.
  • One of the best best cheap earphones in India.


  • The build quality is very good.
  • The sound output is too good with awesome Bass.
  • When it is not in music or call mode, you can click and hold the center button to open google now voice control.


  • While we try to press the center button, we accidentally press some other buttons.




Key Features:

  • It is an Ear bud wired earphone.
  • 3.5mm jack.
  • Accurate fit.
  • Cord length-1.2 m.
  • Noise isolation feature.


  • This earphone is very light.
  • one of the best cheap earphones.
  • Its one of the best cheap earphones available.
  • Noise cancellation is very good.


  • The earbuds are not the perfect ones.
  • The build quality is not that good.



Key Features:

  • It is In the Ear Headphone.
  • 16 ohm Headphone Impedance.
  • 119 dB/mW Headphone Sensitivity at 1 kHz.
  • 3.5 mm Headphones Jack.
  • 1.2 m Symmetric Cable.
  • 18 Hz – 20000 Hz Headphone Frequency Response.


  • LiveBass system, which ensures Thumping, Resounding Mind blowing beats and lows.
  • 2 years of warranty.
  • Custom rubber grips ( total 2 sizes ) bundled with the earphone to adjust the size


  • Low noise cancellation.
  • Wire gets tangled easily.
  • If you are in search of awesome Bass then it lacks that Bass.

4) JBL T100A Wired Headphones: Rs 788/-

JBL T100A Wired Headphones

Key Features:

  • This gives you PureBass performance.
  • It provides extended frequency response.
  • Light weight for the on-the-go
  • Frequency range 2.4 – 2.48 GHz.


  • Its very light in weight.
  • It is highly sensitive in nature.
  • Awesome Bass output.
  • The build design is good.


  • Cable is real cheap,Its not made of good quality.
  • The earbuds provided are not too comfortable.



Key Features:

  • 16 ohm Headphone Impedance.
  • 100 dB/mW Headphone Sensitivity at 1 kHz.
  • It is Canalphone type.
  • 15 Hz – 22000 Hz Headphone Frequency Response
  • Weight :11 g.
  • Cable length : 1.2 m.


  • Noise cancellation is very good.
  • Good Bass.
  • Comes with 3 pair of plugs & a soft pouch to carry.
  • Noise Isolation, Hi-Fi Sound, High Frequency Bright, Accurate Reduction.


  • Only 6 months warranty.
  • Bass not that good when compared with same priced other earphones.



Key Features:

  • In-the-ear Headphones.
  • Dynamic Speaker System.
  • 3.5 mm Headphones Jack.
  • 1.2 m Symmetric Cable.
  • Warranty  – 2 Years Warranty.
  • 109 dB/mW Headphone Sensitivity at 1 kHz


  • Get 2 Years Senhheiser warranty.
  • Tangle-free Listening.
  • Very Good Stereo effects.
  • Good Bass and treble balance.
  • The experience with 5.1 surround sound is amazing.


  • Ear buds are a little odd. They keep coming out sometimes.
  • Lack the deep bass.
  • Background noise cancellation is poor.



Key Features:

  • In the Ear Type ear phone.
  • Wired type.
  • Provides very good noise cancellation.
  • Frequency Response 20 – 20000 Hz.
  • 1 Year Skull Candy  Warranty.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Good Noise cancellation.
  • Sound clarity is very good.


  • Search for a nearby skullcandy service center before buying it.
  • Bass not that good for the price tag.
  • Very delicate material.


Key Features:

  • In the Ear Headphone.
  • It is the best cheap earphones available.
  • 100 dB/mW Headphone Sensitivity at 1 kHz.
  • 16 Hz – 20000 Hz Headphone Frequency Response.
  • This earphone comes with a 3.5 mm connector.


  • The sound is loud and clear.
  • Bass is fine.
  • Ruff n tuff no extra care required.
  • Easily set in the ears.
  • Decent look.


  • Deep bass is missing.
  • Can be painful after long hours of listening.
  • Treble is also not so clear.

 9) Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-ear-canalphone: Rs 799/-

Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-ear-canalphone


Key Features:

  • In-the-ear Headphone.
  • 16 ohm Headphone Impedance.
  • 20 Hz – 20000 Hz Headphone Frequency Response.
  • 110 dB/mW Headphone Sensitivity at 1 kHz.


  • 2 Years Warranty.
  • 1.2 m Symmetric Cord length.
  • very light in weight.
  • Good Bass.
  • Good noise isolation.


  • The earbuds are a bit tiny which is not a big defect.

The above shown were the top 9 best cheap earphones available present in India.

Thank you for reading.Hope you found it useful.

Feel free to comment below to add any more earphones in the above best cheap earphones list.

Microsoft Finally Rolls out SPARTAN browser For win 10

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Introducing Project Spartan:

Spartan browser is now officially released by the software giants Microsoft. Spartan browser is currently available for Windows 10 preview versions only.As announced in their official site.

Spartan browser


Spartan browser has been launched as a replacement of the Retired Internet explorer.According to microsoft Spartan browser will be one of the most advanced and most used browser.

This spartan browser has been launched so as to provide a single window experience to all the users on laptops,computers,mobiles,etc.The software giant also wants to create a single browsing experience across its Windows devices.

“Since we have this rapid evolution on the Web… we think it’s the right time to build a new browser,” said Joe Belfiore, who runs Microsoft’s operating systems group.

spartan browser


Spartan browser Features:

  • Cortana is built-in and ready to assist.Cortana is a kind of personal assistant in spartan so as to provide easy browsing.
  • Inking and sharing so you can capture and communicate your thoughts.Researching and collecting information from the Web is just as easy, as you can save your notes directly to OneNote.
  • Distraction-free reading with Reading List and Reading View.
  • A new engine for the modern Web.
  • support extensions like Google Chrome and Firefox.
  • Spartan browser will also have note-taking features, with the help of it user can add comments and annotations  by clicking anywhere on a webpage, like a Office documents.

Microsoft is making all effort so as to provide its user a very easy and comfortable browsing experience on spartan browser.

It will not be in Microsoft’s first insider build, and it’s coming to the phone a bit later.For now spartan browser is available for the technical preview of windows 10.

How to get the Spartan Browser:

To get the spartan browser to your device there are 2 methods as follows

First Method:

If you are already using some Windows 10 build on your PC, you need to follow some simple instructions.

  1. In the taskbar search box, search by typing Windows Update.
  2. Click on Windows Update from the options.
  3. Look at the left panel and click on Windows Update if it’s not selected.
  4. Now click on the Check.
  5. Now your new Windows 10 build 10049 will be downloaded with the new Spartan Browser.

Second Method:

If you are running on an OS older than Windows 10 preview, you need to install the older Windows 10 build in your system by registering for the Windows Insider program.

  1. Sign up for the Windows Insider Program from here.
  2. Go through the system requirements.
  3. Now click on the download links given on this page and get the ISO file.
  4. Transfer the ISO file to some installation media like a USB drive or DVD.
  5. Install the Windows 10 Preview in your system.
  6. After install, go to the previous method 1 and install the latest build using the System Update.

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5 WhatsApp security tips for android users [latest]

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Here are 5 whatsapp security tips.With more than 600 million dynamic users,The most popular instant messaging app Whats App instant messaging  app is currently the well known instant messaging  application worldwide and it requires more security so we present you whatsapp security tips.Whatsapp security tips issues may be one of the important question. Whats App instant messaging  app does discharge security upgrades and fixes time to time issues, here are some whatsapp security tips from security research company ESET to make it more secure Whats App instant messaging  app security.

whatsapp security tipsWhatsapp security tips:

Block WhatsApp instant messaging App photos from appearing in gallery

This is one of the major whatsapp security tips.Pictures that you get on Whats App instant messaging app are consequently put away in your telephone’s Gallery, presenting them to any individual who scans photographs on your telephone. In iPhone, you can go into the telephone’s Settings menu, then tap ‘Protection’, ‘Photographs’, and deselect Whats App instant messaging app which will confine this. 
For Android users its a tiny bit complicated.Using a record adventurer application, for example, ES File Explorer, you can discover Whats App instant messaging app “Pictures” and “Features” organizers and make a document inside every called ‘.no media’. This will prevent Android Gallery application from filtering the folder.If not get Keep Safe application from the play store and shroud the choose pics and videos.(This application can be utilized to any pics or features on your cell phone).

Beware of scams on WhatsApp instant messaging App

Whats App instant messaging app will never contact clients through the application and does not send messages about visits, voice messages, installment, changes, photographs, or features, unless you contact their help and backing. Anybody offering a free membership, guaranteeing to be from Whats App instant messaging app or urging you to take after connections keeping in mind the end goal to protect your record is without a doubt a trick and ought not be trusted. These connections could prompt sites that introduce malware and spyware or track your individual points of interest.

Must check: Whatsapp for java

Limit access to WhatsApp instant messaging App DP(display picture)

Set profile picture offering to “contacts just” in the Privacy menu to conceal your Whats App  instant messaging app profile photograph from obscure clients and the individuals who are not in your contacts.People who don’t have any acquaintance with you can download your portrait from your Whats App instant messaging app profile and, through Google Image pursuit, can figure out all the more about you so this would help you from all these issues.

 Remain the WhatsApp instant messaging app locked

Whats App instant messaging app doesn’t offer an inherent secret key or pin, you can utilize outsider applications like Messenger and Chat Lock, Lock for Whats App instant messaging app and Secure Chat on the off chance that you utilize an Android phone.This will help you from uncovering your Whats App instant messaging app’s private chats,photos and features from other people who take your cell phone or take it from you.

De activate Instant messaging App if you lose your device

One of the whatsapp security tips is that ,On the off chance that you lose your smartphone,immediately actuate Whats App instant messaging app with the same telephone number on an alternate telephone, with a substitution SIM. One of the fundamental efforts to establish safety that Whats App instant messaging app takes is that the application must be utilized by one number on one gadget at once, so by doing as such you immediately square it from being utilized on your old phone.If that is unrealistic, Whats App instant messaging app can likewise deactivate your record.
So these were the top 5 whatsapp security tips for android 4.4.4….

whatsapp voice calling feature-Rolls Out Finally


WhatsApp rolls out free whatsapp voice calling feature but to select users only in India:

Recent reports suggest that WhatsApp may be adding whatsapp voice calling feature to their online messaging app

whatsapp voice calling feature

WhatsApp has rolled out its new free whatsapp voice calling feature to a few users India which appears to be available on invite-only basis, as of now. The invite-only basis basically means that users will get a call through WhatsApp from someone who already has the feature updated. The feature is also restricted to Android only and you will need the updated 2.11.508 version to access the app.
Reddit user Pradnesh Patil (pradnesh07) posted screenshots and even a video of WhatsApp’s new interface that features whatsapp voice calling feature. 

Patil was able to use the feature on his Nexus 5 running Android Lollipop. The screenshots suggest that there would be separate screens for dialing a voice call to WhatsApp contacts, call logs and ongoing calls.

whatsapp calling feature
He posted saying that, “I can’t seem to send invites to other people, the only thing I can ensure is that it works in India for people running Lollipop 5.0.x on a Nexus 5. Other Indians without the earlier combo don’t get it.”
According to the images posted, users who receive the whatsapp voice calling feature will notice an icon for it, beside the Chats and Contacts tabs. The whatsapp voice calling feature interface seems to quite similar to a smartphone’s contact directory. The app keeps a record of recent WhatsApp calls as well.
However, even after installing the new version, voice calling will not be activated for all users. Users will only be able to get the whatsapp voice calling feature if someone who has it enabled calls them through WhatsApp similar to an invite system, as per Patil. He added that the person who sent him the invite has confirmed that it works on all Android phones (and not just Android 5.0 phones) and in other countries (not just India).WhatsApp has not announced the roll out of the feature yet. Perhaps, it’s still testing the feature with select users.
WhatsApp’s voice-calling roll-out comes soon after rival Indian app Hike rolled out for free voice-calling on 2G and 3G for their app. Of course in terms of user engagement, WhatsApp is ahead of it rivals. Facebook, which bought WhatsApp last year, recently revealed that the app has 700 million monthly active users and that over 30 billion messages are shared on WhatsApp every day. With voice-calling feature coming soon, it’s likely that WhatsApp’s engagement number will rise further.The voice calling feature will bring WhatsApp in direct clash with apps like We Chat, Viber and Line that already allow users to make calls and send messages. WhatsApp is the biggest instant messaging app in the world, with 700 million active users in January 2015.
Thank you for reading.

Vivaldi Browser Review : Successor of Opera


Vivaldi Browser-A New Powerful Browser

Vivaldi Browser has been launched by the former Opera CEO which now joined in the battle of the most powerful browsers with the new rivals like the project Spartan, by Microsoft last week.
Vivaldi Browser
There’s been an abundance of new browsers lately: Yandex, Citrio, and of course, the upcoming Project Spartan Browser. However, there seems to be a place for yet another one. The Tech Preview for the Vivaldi Browser became available today. Despite the “Preview” part, Vivaldi Browser has some tricks to show and we can expect a lot more in future.
Vivaldi Browser
Vivaldi Browser  offers a number of features, which Opera lovers will remember. The application allows for mouse gestures for browsing and the ever familiar “speed dial” interface, which shows your favorite tabs on the new tab page.
Vivaldi Browser
The Vivaldi Browser  has some new tools too, like multiple tabs. Tabs can now be combined into one to allow for simple browsing of associated sites. For example, if you were looking into your family tree online, you can group all the tabs on that topic into a single saved space.
Vivaldi looks good according to the current flat/minimalist fashion. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that tabs and menus change color based on the dominant palette of your active page. This “chameleon” effect looks fresh at least. It can be turned off if it doesn’t suit your tastes.

Quick Commands/Navigation

If you’re mostly a keyboard user and embrace shortcuts, then Vivaldi Browser is definitely for you. Key shortcuts are highly customizable and might save you the need to reach for the mouse whenever you need to open a particular tab or launch a specific feature in Vivaldi Browser.
Vivaldi Browser

Built-In Mail and Extensions

Since this is a technical preview, some features are yet absent, but they’ll catch for the final release. On such features is a built-in mail client. This was in the previous versions of Opera and it’s hard to say how good it’ll be in Vivaldi, but a mail client for your multiple inbox-es (maybe not the most important ones) is a nice addition.
Vivaldi Browser
As Vivaldi Browser is based on Chromium, it will support Chrome extensions. So, even though the developers promise it to be a powerful and feature-rich browser, nothing prevents you from expanding its functionality.



Vivaldi adopts a minimalistic interface with basic icons and fonts. The browser adapts its color scheme based on the background and the elements of the web page being visited.

Quick Commands

A way of creating keyboard shortcuts for quicker access to commonly used menus or actions.

Tab Stacking

Allows users to combine tabs from the same website into a “stack”.


Enables users to quickly write down notes or grab screenshots from a webpage.

Speed Dial

Vivaldi allows users to create shortcuts for their favorite websites for quick access.


The Vivaldi team has future plans for extensions but they are yet to be implemented.

Speed and Security

Vivaldi is built on modern web technologies such as HTML 5, Node.js, ReactJS, and the Blink engine.
Presently the browser is only a technical preview, but in the coming months, there are plans ahead to add mail support, sync, better performance and extensions. Vivaldi is currently available as a technical preview for Windows, Mac or Linux.
Thank you for reading.

MIUI 6 OS Update out for Xiaomi’s Mi 3 devices in India

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MIUI 6 OS Update:

Recently, Xiaomi came up with the latest MIUI 6 OS Update. The company announced that it would soon roll out the MIUI 6 OS Update for Mi 3 based on Android 4.4 KitKat in India, and the company has kept up its promise.
MIUI 6 OS Update
The company confirmed that other Xiaomi smartphones would receive the MIUI 6 OS Update based on Android OS in India. The Mi 4 smartphone already comes with MIUI 6 OS Update.
The Redmi 1S and Redmi Note 3G will get the update by March where as the Redmi Note 4G will get the update by early February. Xiomi Mi 3 is now receiving the MIUI 6 OS Update in India.
MI 3 users will receive an OTA (over-the-air) update for the new OS, but if you can’t wait that long to try it out, you can download it from official Forum page of Xiaomi
Meanwhile, other models like Redmi Note 4G will receive the MIUI 6 OS Update by February, while it will reach the Redmi 1S and Redmi Note 3G by March.

Features :

Key features of the MIUI 6 OS Update include Motion, Color Content, Customization and Security. It will also introduce animation to some apps like Clock, Weather, and Device unlock, etc
MIUI 6 OS UpdateMIUI 6 OS Update
 Also,MIUI 6 OS Update introduced animation to apps like Clock, Weather, and Device unlock.The upgrade also allows floating notifications, which have been seen in the past. This means that if you get a call you don’t have to leave an app to answer it. There’s also a division of Notifications on the basis of those that are important and unimportant, which users can customize according to their preference.
MIUI 6 OS Update
Users can also choose what notifications that they would like to see in the Locked Screen mode and deny apps specific permissions by going into Permissions Manager.In MIUI 6 OS Update the Dialler has been tweaked to give it a clean look.
Now, users can identify unknown numbers, and avoid fraudulent and sales calls. There is a brand new notification panel that has toggles for convenient on and off. 
MIUI 6 OS Update does add a great deal of cleanliness to the camera UI.
The MIUI 6 OS Update adds more than 5,000 themes and powerful tools to achieve more in less time. The Calendar has been improved to subscribe your interests ranging from games, holidays to TV shows and more.

How to use whatsapp web (PC/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win-XP/Mac)

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Whatsapp web Messaging App for Your pc:

WhatsApp announced the launch of  whatsapp web on Wednesday, marking the official debut of the popular messaging app on non-mobile platforms. “Today, for the first time, millions of you will have the ability to use whatsapp web on your Web browser,” the messaging app said announcing WhatsApp Web via a blog post. “Our Web client is simply an extension of your phone: the Web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device – this means all of your messages still live on your phone.”
whatsapp web
So WhatsApp is finally and officially available for Computer, till date we used to use WhatsApp on PC using BlueStacks or YouWave which is still working fine but the only problem with those methods is that they are not official one.
But now, you can officially or genuinely use WhatsApp for Web or Desktop with the new feature which the officials have added, its basically WhatsApp Web Version.
After months of rumors, the service’s most popular instant messaging launches at last its web version. To enjoy it you have to use Google Chrome. If you have an iPhone, you’ll have to wait for now.
WhatsApp has launched a web client of his courier. The user can scan a QR code directly from the client WhatsApp for Android and BlackBerry. To do this, you must access the address:
whatsapp web
How to use WhatsApp for Web – Windows 7/8/XP Computer & Mac?
  • First of all upgrade your WhatsApp Messenger in your smartphone, its necessary step.CLICK HERE
  • Now open Google Chrome browser and go to and you will see QR code
    Note : WhatsApp Web works only on Google Chrome and not on Mozilla, IE, etc

    whatsapp web
  • Open WhatsApp Messenger in your Smartphone, go to Menu and then select “WhatsApp Web”
    whatsapp web
  • Now scan the QR code which is on from WhatsApp Web option
  • whatsapp web
  • Now click on “OK, GOT IT” and let the scanning of your QR code starts.
  • Within few seconds you will see that you can use WhatsApp Web on Google Chrome browser.
  • Now in the system, along with our message system, with almost all of the options that can be used in the WhatsApp.

So Guys that’s what we have for you in this article, hope you found it useful.

Thank you for reading.

Micromax Yu Yureka Specifications and Release Latest Update

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  Micromax Yu Yureka

micromax yurekha
Micromax Yu Yureka


Yu, a subsidiary of India’s second-largest smartphone maker Micromax, will put up for sale 10,000 units of its 4G device ‘Yu Yureka’ as part of maiden sale on January 13. 
Micromax had unveiled its new and upcoming 4G smartphone “YU YUREKA” @8999/-
The sale will be a flash sale on amazon at 2 pm on 13th jan 2015.
The registrations for buying the phone had been closed on 25th December.

Micromax Yu Yureka

Over Three lakh registrations had been already made to buy Micromax Yu Yureka .
The registrations were within India, but the launch has elicited interest from overseas Micromax as well .
We have already seen the overwhelming response on the flash sales for the chinese sales models of Xiaomi mobiles.So it will be great competition for both Micromax & Xiaomi as well.

Micromax Yu Yureka

So this article has been published for helping the buyers or to give the buyers a depth review,specification,features,pros and cons of the upcoming smartphone Micromax Yu Yureka.


Micromax Yu Yureka
As far as specs go, the Yu Yureka smartphone features a 5.5-inch IPS display, with a pixel density of 267ppi, with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for better protection against scratches. The rear includes a 13MP CMOS camera with a f2.2 aperture for better low-light photography. In addition, there’s 5MP front camera that has a 71 degree wide angle lens. Micromax Yu Yureka runs on a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset with a 1.5GHz octa-core processor. It’s backed by 2GB of RAM and comes with 16GB of built-in storage.
Micromax Yu Yureka
Micromax Yu Yureka has also given the root permissions for its device like the Xiaomi phones. So rooting wont cause any voiding of the warranty of the yureka.


Micromax Yu Yureka
Micromax Yu Yureka
Micromax Yu Yureka
Micromax Yu Yureka
Micromax Yu Yureka


  • Excellent hardware and software.
  • Cyanogen mod 11 (First phone to run on the latest cyanogen L update).
  • 30471-Antutu benchmark.
  • 55.0 fps – Ninamark.
  • very light in weight when compared with NOTE 4G and ONE PLUS ONE.
  • No major heating issues.
  • Compatible with HD gaming(ASPHALT 8 etc)
  • front camera – 5 mega pixels(excellent quality)
  • rear camera-13 mega pixels with flash.
  • At a very good price.
  • Moonstone finish for the back panel.
  • Audio and video quality fairly good.


  • Camera UI can get improved(blurring issues).
  • only 5 point multitouch points.
  • 720p screen display.
  • 2500mAh (may have been better)

So these were the pros and cons of the Micromax Yu Yureka.

So its going to be a great day for Micromax Yureka sales.
Let’s see what happens in tomorrow’s sale, whether Xiaomi rocks the sale as it does always or it will be effected by Micromax Yu Yureka.

Android Studio version 1.0.1 is out. A stable version for Android Development

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Android studio 1.0.1 (start your Android app development here)

Hello mates, I am very happy to say that Android Studio version 1.0.1 is out for download. A very stable version for android development. Being an Android developer, I know the problems which you face daily in the Android development in eclipse and the older version of Android Studio. But now all these bugs are fixed and a stable version was introduced into the market.

Android studio

features of this Android Studio 1.0.1

  • Flexible Gradle-based build system
  • Build variants and multiple apk file generation
  • Code templates to help you build common app features
  • Rich layout editor with support for drag and drop theme editing
  • Lint tools to catch performance, usability, version compatibility, and other problems
  • ProGuard and app-signing capabilities
  • Built-in support for Google Cloud Platform, making it easy to integrate Google Cloud Messaging and App Engine
  • And much more
The emulation time has been decreased and made faster. The interface is redesigned for the better experience in development. Android 5.0 system image was given in-built in this new version. The designing part was made easier for front end developers.
So guys, what are you waiting for….
Download Android Studio 1.0.1  here.