7 Best chrome extensions you should use right now.

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Best chrome extensions:

Need best chrome extensions ?Do you want to use your browser like a pro! No one says No to this question and Yes I know you too. Here we have listed some Great Yes! some best chrome extensions you should start using them right now.

7 best chrome extensions

7 best chrome extensions

List of best chrome extensions:

  1. Hangouts
  2. Faces.im
  3. makkhi choose
  4. Evernote
  5. Grammarly
  6. My chrome theme
  7. magic actions for youtube


7 best chrome extensions

It is one of the best chrome extensions.I guess you already know hangouts which is probably the best communication platform from google. You can have a video call with your friends You can have a professional discussion, You can send photos, Talk, chat and many more

As per search giant google See what it says about their product

Hangouts bring conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free. Connect with friends across computers, Android and Apple devices.


7 best chrome extensions

It’s facebook everywhere. Billions of people are using facebook every day and  more than over 50% people are using Facebook in mobile. Faces.im is a best chrome extensions which will allow you to use chat head messenger for your facebook in Google chrome. You can give the reply to your friends just by clicking on a chat head.

Makkhi choose

7 best chrome extensions

I know you and I will shop like hell Online. So here is what makkhi choose do. Makkhi choose is a best chrome extensions which will grab  prices of the products you selected from all the remaining shopping sites Thus, you can buy the same product from where ever you want That too at low price. All you need to do is Just install this best chrome extensions from the chrome web store.


7 best chrome extensions

This chrome extension became a revolution among the best chrome extensions.Evernote is a web clipper which allows you to do various operations on the web page or text you read. You can simplify the article on web and read without distraction, You can make annotations and share with your friends on web etc.., There are lot more

Here is a step by step guide for using Evernote 


best chrome extensions

You will type and text loads of stuff online every day. But, have you ever wondered about your grammar? are you doing it right? I know you are thinking and if the answer is yes Then here is a tool (best chrome extensions) which will hep you grammatically and help you with small mistakes you do and corrects them.

My chrome theme

best chrome extensions

My chrome theme is a chrome extension which allow you put Your own image taken from a camera or photo of your family or any photo do you like and make it as Your google chrome theme.

If you want a bit more about what My chrome theme is You can read my previous post on Chrome theme

Magic actions for Youtube

best chrome extensions

Magic actions for Youtube is a chrome extension which allows You to have multiple options Through which you can change the colour of video, You can enlarge the video, Take a snapshot of the video, You can apply filters and many more.

As these are the basic requirements for the every internet user, We focussed on these best chrome extensions which will help you. If you have any other chrome extensions which will be good for the users. Then do recommend that through comments.



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