Download New CLOUD TV APK APP for Android & Windows


 Nowadays we are able to avail the things online whether it is shopping, booking tickets, telecommunication etc. even watching movies, TV shows online from any place of the world. Today we are going to discuss an alternative to TV is Cloud TV app where you can watch your favorite TV shows, cartoons, movies, news etc. just by downloading Cloud TV application on your device. If you want to watch live TV shows, Cloud TV is made for you exclusively just download Cloud TV APK APP and enjoy uninterrupted service.

Cloudtv is an exclusive entertainment app to watch favorite TV serials, movies news, etc. who are unable to sit in front of TV due to busy schedules from anywhere. The app runs smoothly on iOS, Android, Windows, Macintosh, and so forth. If you are facing the problem how to download the app then don’t worry as it is quite simple. You have to just go to the search bar and find an app and install it. You can download the app on Android, PC, MacBook, iPhone, Laptop, Tablet, etc. as these gadgets are so handy where you can watch TV shows from any corner of the world.

Download cloud tv apk

Download cloud tv apk


  • Cloudtv app supports HD channels and 100+ live tv channels
  • It supports almost 8 different languages like English, Cantonese Mandarin, Arabic, Indian, French and Japanese. Pretty cool isn’t?
  • It provides easy navigation to movies, tv shows with specific categories
  • Cloudtv apk uses multiple servers to main 100% uptime for its users.
  • The Cloud TV android is free to use and it can be used without any login or signup.

New Cloud Tv APK  2019 Download For Android

If you want to install cloud TV app on android then you have to go through some settings to run the app and watching videos online. So, let’s have a close look at the following:-

  1. First, you have to visit ‘Menu’ option and select ‘Settings’ option.
  2. Next, you have to click on ‘Security’ Settings.
  3. Then go through the ‘Unknown Sources’ checkbox. On enabling the Unknown Sources option, Android permits the installation of applications.
  4. Now visit the official website and download the APK file of Cloud TV app.
  5. Place the Cloud TV APK with the help of file explorer on Android device.
  6. Click on it to start the installation.
  7. After installation, open the app on Android device and enjoy online TV shows from anywhere.

cloudtv apk download

Download cloud tv Windows app

Following are the steps of downloading and installing cloud TV on windows. Let’s have a look at the following and install the Cloud TV android app for enjoying TV shows online.

  1. Visit the official website of Nox App Player and download Nox Player App for Windows here.
  2. Set up file of Nox App Player on your device.
  3. Click to start the installation process.
  4. After installation of Nox App Player downloads APK file of Cloud TV app.
  5. Then install the Cloud TV APK file on your device.
  6. On Nox App Player, search Add APK option on the right side.
  7. Add the new Cloud TV APK under the Add APK option which is ready to use.
  8. You will see the application on your device which is ready to use.
  9. Open Cloud TV application on your Windows PC and enjoy live TV shows.

Cloud TV app 2019 download

Cloud TV packages avail good quality display of watching online movies, cartoons, TV shows an awesome way of watching videos. Those who are TV lover who finds an inability to watch movies, TV shows due to the busy schedule or for any reasons to sit in front of their TV sets can enjoy it. This entertainment app is free of cost can be installed on different devices and can be enjoyed from any parts of the world.  You can download Cloud TV apk file using the links below –


Cloud TV APK is a wonderful entertainment app for watching movies, TV shows online from any part of the world. This app is free of cost and after installation of new Cloud TV APK for android you have not to search TV show on YouTube or Google. I have discussed the step by step process of download but if you are still facing any issue please let us know we will provide a top solution for you.

26 cool Funny google search tricks

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Type tilt on the google search and you will be displayed with search results with a small variation in viewing angles.

2.”Do a barrel roll” or “Z or R twice”

Search for “DO A BARREL ROLL” or “Z or R twice” on google then your browsers display area will be rotated with 360 degrees angle towards right and will be positioned as it was before.

3.Zerg Rush

This will introduce a bunch of “O”s into your browsers display area and the search results will be destroyed by them.Click each ‘O’ three-time to kill it

4.Google Sky

type on google sky and click on the 1st result.Then you will be displayed with the galaxy view just like that of google maps.

Similarly, u can find google moon and google stars

5.Atari Breakout

This is a game trick. you can play a game in your browser by searching search for atari breakout in google and go for images.Then the images result collectively form a game. You will be having five chances before ending the game.

6. elgoog(Google Mirror)

This displays the everything as if they were seen in a mirror.

7.I’m feeling lucky

Even if you don’t search for anything on google and if you press “I’m feeling lucky” button on google home page then you will displayed with all the doodle that google used in the past i.e DOODLE ARCHIVE.This helps you to know important days and events that are popular worldwide

8.Google Rainbow

Type google rainbow and go on with the first result.This displays your browser with rainbow colors, texts will be blinking with different colors and all others turn colorful.


Here you can create your custom logo for google search page and customize it.

10.Google Gravity

This is one of the tricks from ELGOOG .This shows the elements on web page falling down due to Gravity

11.Google Pacman

This gives you a search result of Pacman game which is a Doodle Google Home Page for 30th anniversary of Pacman game i.e on 21 May 2010

12.Google mental plex

It displays a page created by google which was made on occasion of April 1st (fools day) in 2000

13.Google Sphere

This will make the text rotate around the google logo.If you search for something then the search results will also be rotated around the logo

14.Epic Google

This increases the size of google home page, with a rapid pace.

15.Google Guitar

This gives you a visual guitar with which you can play music on your browser.Keystrokes for melodies like Twinkle twinkle, Happy Birthday, Harry Potter, Forest Gump are also provided in this google guitar doodle home page.

16.Google Pond

This displays the Google home page as if it was in the pond and shows water waves when the mouse pointer hovers on the text area.

17.Google Underwater

Type this and click on I’m feeling lucky. Google page will be displayed as if it was in water along with fishes, sharks.Here you can make some waves in water and you can make the search box float.

18.Google Loco
It is similar to Google Gravity trick but differs in language

19.Google Terminal
Want to know how google looked like in 1980’s, then here you go with a search of Google Terminal.

20.Blink HTML

The Words “blink” and “HTML” will be blinking

21.Bletchley Park

Do a search for Bletchley park then the name looks like being decoded! which was a site of UK’s code-breaking efforts during World War II

22. Blank search

Do a Blank search on Google play and then google automatically searches for unicorns and displays related results

23.Google Snake

It is a search trick as a part of Google Mirror. It is a Snake Game Doodle by Google welcoming Chinese New Year in the year 2013.

24.Annoying Google

Search for annoying google and go with the 1st result, then type something in the search box .You will find the letters changing into upper case and lower case.