Fix Netflix errors in iOS, Windows, Mac and Android


We just love to watch free digital content in high quality during our leisure. Netflix is the application that is compatible with a maximum of the operating system and works flawlessly. People throughout America are migrating to Netflix instead of using traditional cable wires. The vivid amount of streaming options ensures entertainment for every age group and category of people. It has been more than 10 years since Netflix is entertaining people. It is currently offering hottest television shows, movies, music and different varieties of stuff at a very low price range. 

What is smart download and how to use it?

The smart download feature on Netflix helps you to manage the storage space of your gadget. In other words, whatever you download is deleted right after you finish watching it. In case you want to store the stuff longer, just turn off the smart download option. it is only when you are using the Wi-Fi connection, the smart download feature works. Smart download particularly works on the latest Netflix application.

How to fix Netflix errors in Android operating system

Netflix often ends up putting compatibility issues in different Gadgets and software. Luckily, there is nothing at all to panic because there are certain solutions that would immediately fix up the Netflix errors in your Android phone.

  • Download Netflix v4.16

In order to fight with compatibility issues, just download the older version of the application and you can probably help your phone to support the content better. The apk version of Netflix is almost error-free and helps in resolving the majority of user issues.

  • Netflix error 12001

The error code arises while watching stuff on Android devices. It means that there is some information collected in the application that has to be cleared right away. Restart your Android device and clear the Netflix application data by following these steps

– Visit the settings and choose the applications menu

– Choose Netflix and move towards the storage section of the application 

– Hit the clear cache option and try opening the Netflix with resolved issue

  • Netflix error 10013

The problem generally occurs when you download the Netflix application in your Android operating system. You can easily fix the error by choosing a different internet connection or simply moving onto Wi-Fi data. You can also restart the device and refresh app cached data to resolve this error.

How to Fix Netflix errors on windows

Windows 10  desktop application can end up creating some of the Other amount of troubles and errors without any previous notification. The most common varieties of Windows 10 errors arising in the Netflix application include –

  • Netflix giving black screen
  • There was a problem in download error
  • Netflix getting stuck in the loading screen
  • Error code H403

Easy solutions to fix Netflix errors in Windows 10 PC

  • ReInstallation and resetting

– Press Windows key + I shortcut in order to launch the settings page 

– Choose the Netflix application over there. 

– Now, choose the advanced option and terminate all the processes associated with the application. -The reset option will immediately remove all the user data and reinstall the application for fixing the Netflix error.

  • Disable Heci service

The content protection in an Intel PC is initiated by heci service. you need to disable that for enjoying Netflix.

– Press Windows key + R shortcut and hit enter 

– Now untick content protection and go back to point 8 

– Update the Intel graphics Driver enable heci service again 

 probably you have fixed the Netflix error in Windows 10

  • Updating application

– Launch the windows store and choose to download and update option. 

– In case of any update pending, you will be communicated right there.

  • Troubleshoot option for Windows 10

There is a troubleshooting option for all the windows applications that you have installed using the official windows store.

– Launch the Settings and search for the find and fix the problem which Microsoft Store apps.

– Follow the popup and apply repair.

– Follow the onscreen instructions

– You will automatically receive the solution on screen

  •  Firewall settings

Disabling your Windows firewall settings and antivirus would help in resolving the Netflix errors on Windows 10 PC. You need to allow the application in the firewall of your computer in order to remove glitches.

  • Update Graphics Driver

– Launch the device manager in the start menu 

– Choose graphics Driver located right under-display adaptors 

– Right-click on update driver option -wait for a few seconds and your Netflix application will start working once again

  • Remove DNS cache

Whoops! something went wrong error is the most irritating pop up arriving on Windows 10 screen. Just flush away the DNS cache and resolve the Netflix error successfully.

  • Allow GPU access

When your Netflix cannot access GPU in the motherboard, just enable option manually in the settings and searching for graphic settings.

– Choose the universal application located in the drop-down menu and select Netflix. 

– Now add Netflix to GPU and you will eventually find options where you can select high performance. Probably, your Netflix application will give you better quality entertainment with slightly more data consumption.

Common Netflix errors due to Network issues

  • Netflix error 5009 / 40104 / 100 1 / 5403

Most of the time, Netflix errors arise because of network issues. In order to fix them up, just follow the below solutions –

– Restart your digital device and clear the Netflix data.

– You can also uninstall the application and reinstall it once again.

– Switch off the internet and switched on once again

How to fix Netflix errors on ios, iPhone, iPad 

Your iPhone and iPad are not exceptional to Netflix’s errors. IOS operating system can also face the Netflix issues just like any other platform.

  • Netflix error 1012 and 1011

– Launch the settings in your iPhone or iPad and locate Netflix application 

– Click on it and you will get certain options of resettings. 

– Just choose it and you will eventually fix the Netflix error.

  • Netflix error 1016

This particular Netflix error occurs most of the time occurs because of your airplane mode being activated. Just check it out and do the needful. Restarting your iOS device would also help in eradicating the trouble.

How to fix Netflix errors in Mac PC?

Your mac PC might face the Netflix error because of some kind of data being stored in the Safari browser. Have a look at it once in order to remove Netflix error-

  • Website data issue

– Launch the Safari browser using your Mac computer and locate the menu 

– Move on to the preferences option. 

– Choose the privacy option and eventually hit cookies and website data.

– Hit manage website data and remove the website data for Netflix.

  • Cookies error

– Pay a visit to Netflix.Com/ clear cookies 

– Access your Netflix account and use the application once again.

Netflix error for fire TV/ stick

Netflix error 100 is quite common in Amazon fire stick and smart TV devices. It’s very easy to resolve the issue through the following options.

– Unplug your device from the power connection for 1 minute and plug it back back once again. 

– Reset the fire stick to the default settings.

– Check for the software updates -contact the TV support.

The mirror to PC Program- Wondershare MirrorGo


wonder sharreHaving a smartphone, we all have played games on it which are very cool for making out your good time. But also there is a huge fan of gaming who wants to take their gaming passion to the next level. So playing the games on a small screen of the phone sometimes makes them very annoying and thus if you are one of those gamers you can play the mobile game on your PC too.

There are many very interesting games on the phone like- arcade, action, strategic games which are normally played online. So if you can play the online games on your PC then you are also unlocking more dynamic features which are like- large screen, easy to control using the mouse and keyboard. Not only that you will experience the HD image quality of the game graphics which is the most interesting fact to play mobile games on your PC.

So to play all such game in your PC without any third party it is very impossible. And Wondershare MirrorGo is the software that will allow you to get the mobile games on your PC. There are also other Android emulator software has come to the play, but even though the feature is yet limited in that emulator software.

About Wondershare MirrorGO

Just like the name itself, the Wondershare MirrorGo gives you the exact mirror display of your mobile game into your PC. MirrorGo not only gives you access to the games on the computer screen but also provides you full control over the apps installed on your phone.

Feature of the MirrorGo

The features provided in the MirrorGo are much better than other normal Android Emulator software. And here below will discuss the unique feature of the MirrorGo-

  1. Mirror Display on your PC- Start playing mobile games in your PC with the HD quality picture for making the game more interesting Visually and functionally
  1. Play Bigger- When you play the strategic games on your phone which use to belong periodic game. So play the game in the bigger screen for making the HD field of view, Full-Screen range of fire to see bigger and forget tiring your eyes
  1. Control point- Using your Thumb and finger on your phone is very annoying but when you connect the game with the PC you can create a control using the keyboard and mouse for more flexibility in-game.
  1. Record Capture Share– you can record your gameplay, take Screenshot for storing your points and later you can share them all with your friend
  1. Sync to Play Anywhere- Now you can take control over the station on where to play the game, unlike other emulator software you can sync the game and play in other devices too.
  1. Stable Platform- You can get undisturbed gameplay which you sometimes face during playing at a critical point in the game and then destroying your whole mood and game.
  1. Free To Download- The Software is free to download which will allow you to give reliable and flexible mirror display for gaming and running the Android application in your PC.

How to operate the MirrorGo

It is very simple to use the MirrorGo and run the phone data or file through your PC; All you need to do is,

  1. Purchase and download the software- MirrorGo then connects your phone with the PC using the USB connection.
  2. And after that scan the phone, automatically the phone application will be detected and use them all with the keyboard and mouse.
  3. Open a game from the phone and visually and functionally you can take control over them using the PC.


So this is the details for the MIrrorGo that allow you to play the game in your PC without facing any system crash. There are many great features compared to the other android emulator so that you do not face any problem running the mobile application on your PC.

Windows phone vs Android The Epic comparison


Many of us would have been got confused while choosing our phone working platform i.e whether Windows Phone Or an Android phone or other. Both the Platforms Windows And Android are in one of the best operating system platforms currently in the technological world. So here is what we have for you in this post. This post will give you an epic comparison i.e Windows phone vs Android. This epic comparison Windows phone vs Android will be really exciting and pretty useful for you.I hope you enjoy the article till the end. So here you go.

Epic Comparison Windows phone vs Android :

windows vs android

This epic comparison Windows phone vs Android result would be based on the following factors:

  • Os Look or UI (User Interface).
  • Applications support.
  • Features and Specifications.
  • Cortana Vs Google Now.
  • performance.

Now here are the few comparisons in Windows phone vs Android depending upon the above factors:

Os Look or UI (User Interface):

android vs windows phone

User Interface (UI) or simply the look of the Os play an important role in the selection of windows phone vs android. As in the present generations, more importance is given to the look of the phone than the quality, so the Operating system developers of both windows and android are working and spending too much on their UI.


  • Latest Android version 10.
  • With very much user-customized UI.
  • Included with several animations, themes, customizing options.
  • It is smooth, colorful and beautiful too.
  • Customers are attracted to their looks.


  • Most styling UI.
  • It consists of vertically scrolling tiles.
  • It has less empty space than android.
  • It has a simple and stylish as well as a professional look.
  • The start screen is a lot different.

Applications support:

Its the major factor as the type and amount of applications supported by the OS platform is most loved by the users. It’s no Hidden fact that Android supports a large number of applications than the Windows platform. That is why many prefer Android on Windows. Here are the major factors regarding Windows phone vs Android.


  • Google Playstore is the Application center.
  • There are 1.3+ Million apps in the Store.
  • Various categories of apps are available.
  • For keen gamers, the Android platform is the best.
  • You can get all kinds of apps which you can think!


  • Windows phone store is a bit limited in size and in the number of apps too.
  • It is getting bigger and better day by day.
  • The number of apps are growing day by day.
  • It has Built-in Xbox.
  • Great Microsoft office products.
  • 4 lakh+ apps in Store.

Features and Specifications:

Windows comes with excellent and Unique features and on the other hand, Android comes with Tons of excellent features. Android had all kind of features from the past but Windows now is also coming up with great excellent features which could give a strong head-to-head competition to Android. Few features will give the results for windows phone vs android in this category:


  • Actionable notifications (a.k.a heads-up notifications), smart lock, improved battery saver, heads-up notifications.
  • Google Now is an excellent feature provided to android.
  • Smart Lock feature.
  • Great types of themes and custom UI for better user experience.
  • Better Multitasking.


  • Cortana is fun and useful.
  • The action center makes it useful.
  • Homescreen is more beautiful than ever.
  • But multitasking still has some issues.
  • Smooth and well user functioning.

Cortana Vs Google Now:

Cortana and Google Now are the respective virtual personal assistants for Windows and Android platforms respectively. Likely in IOS personal assistant SIRI, these two assistants are very much fun using and useful. Google Now was introduced by Android 10 and Cortana was introduced by Windows 8.1. These both are great with impressive features but a bit different in working.

  Windows Phone – CORTANA :

Windows Phone 8.1 comes with a virtual personal assistant. Cortana is the biggest recent additional addiction to Windows Phone 8 and it gives the OS an answer to Google Now. App developers can also integrate their app with Cortana – allowing the user to take advantage of Cortana’s smart voice command feature. Cortana is still in the beta version.

Google now was introduced in the android version of the Kitkat. It has the upper hand than windows in the feature that it is handsfree as it becomes active as soon as we say “OK GOOGLE”.It is pretty much responsive loaded with excellent features. Unlike Cortana which is in the beta version here Google now has been developing and came up with several updates and new features.For more watch the below video :


There is no doubt in the fact that no operating system can beat the performance given by the Windows phone software. Android OS is also good but quite slow and laggy a few times but whereas Windows phone software is smooth and responsive. If you are looking for a phone for the best performance instead of look and features I would definitely recommend a Windows phone.


Both the OS i.e Windows And Android are awesome in their respective fields. But If you are a person who likes to experiment with your phone with new apps, themes, and love to play various categories of games then you should go for an android.

But If You want Unique, Advanced, Professional with smooth functioning loaded features then you must go for a Windows phone.

Simply I would state “If You are looking for QUALITY then go for WINDOWS PHONE and if you need QUANTITY you should go for an Android phone.”

Do comment below which Os would you choose in Windows phone vs android. Do share your feedback with us in the comment section below.

Hope this article helped you.Thank you for reading!

HideMyIp Review – Enjoy Your Privacy!


Hidemyip Review: Uh, oh! Do you think you are completely safe online? It’s worthless to say that hacking occurs once in a blue moon in this era. You’re wrong – More than 30,000 websites are hacked every day! What are the odds of regular systems!

It’s even more worthless to think that your antivirus will protect you. Most antiviruses are designed to protect you from the harmful files coming to your computer. Most professional hackers and IP stealers know the way out! They can tame your antivirus with ease and sneak in like a boss!

Do you think you’re smart? If Sony – a multimillionaire company which possesses some of the potential geniuses of the web could get hacked last year, how much smart do you think you are!! comparatively?

I just narrated a big horror story to you! In fact, it’s not just a story – IT’S MERE TRUTH!


You know I am now going to pitch you with a product! Yes, I am now going to suggest something which is the light of the horror scene – which will guide you to the destination. I am talking about the privacy service known as HideMyIP.

You might think I just narrated the story for the sake of promoting this product. You can surely believe in it and go barefoot to the online world. But there would be no one to blame if your identity is ever compromised!

So, what is HideMyIP?

As the name suggests, HideMyIP, in the first place, will hide your IP from hackers! As simple as that!

There’s more in it too! You can surf anonymously by encrypting your connection, you can prevent anyone from spying on you and there’s something which you didn’t expect: YOU CAN EVEN SEND ANONYMOUS E-MAILS!

Sure, that gives you the license to abuse your haters and spam them – without ever letting them know who sent those things, but there’s a lot more you can do with this!

Technically speaking, this kind of system is called PROXY. HideMyIP blends with your browser and displays a fake IP instead of your genuine one. The IPs are based in various countries and the software automatically chooses the best one for you – the one that affects your browsing speed the least.

What do you think would be the size of this app? 200 MB? 100 MB? It’s a mere 1.5 MB! Surprised? I was surprised too when I saw how small this powerful tool is!

You need not worry whether your browser is compatible or not. HideMyIP supports all of the popular browsers – be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera or even Netscape!

What’s even better that HideMyIP also acts as a geotargeting service. Getting your IP changed, you can access various forums and websites which are banned in your country! You can watch US/UK shows which are not telecasted anywhere else – the ones which need a US/UK IP to gain access!

They have decent support, running on the support ticket system, and moreover they have publicized their helpline number. Thus, you don’t ever have to worry about the assistance during the initial days of using this software. Their team is dedicated and always ready to help – you can be assured that if you get stuck anywhere, there will be someone to the rescue!

And how can I forget to mention that they offer lifetime support? Thus, it’s not just during the initial days that you have the right to eat the customer care executive’s head – you can do it anytime! (Seriously!)

Statistically, HideMyIP has been the leader in its category since 2006, and it’s the version 6 of the software live now! The progress of the team is noteworthy which shows how powerful this product is!

And the best part, more than just Windows and Mac – they offer their service to Android devices also, meaning you won’t have to compromise on your phone’s safety either!

How can I get this software?

You can take a test drive of HideMyIP before getting the full version. Thus you can ensure yourself that you are getting the right product of your needs before spending the money.

Talking about the price, the full-fledged version of HideMyIP costs $29.95, which is a one-time fee to unlock your path to anonymity!

Though the price may seem high initially for the 1.5 MB app, looking into the service and the lifetime support, it can be said that the price is worth it, as there is a lot more bundled with the service.

You can buy HideMyIP on their official website!


HideMyIP is indeed a worth-it type of IP hiding service that will ensure your anonymity online, and you won’t ever have to worry about your safety again!

The software is bundled with their much-needed extras, which can prove to be great assets in browsing. What’s cool is that their service is offered to Windows, Mac as well as Android devices! Cool, isn’t it?

Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Video


When it comes to fulfilling your entertainment requirements, nothing can satisfy you better than Amazon prime video. The best known Netflix style video platform has a better content with lower charges. There are certain Amazon Prime services are available free of charge for the customers. However, you might feel reluctant to use them on the first instance because of finding them paid. Sign up for Amazon prime videos and enjoy 30 day free trial without any kind of hidden charges and drawbacks.

Amazon provides you a complete chance to enjoy more than 15000 movies and television shows for a very tiny fee. It is indeed the first online streaming service that has a dynamic content range and multiple services linked together. After you have enjoyed the free 30 day trial pack, just sign in for Amazon prime videos at a very low price and receive a variety of entertainment content to watch. The original series such as modern love, good omens, the marvelous Mrs. Maisel and several other famous seasons can be watched on your television sets.

What extra do we get with Amazon prime video sign up?

-Besides receiving a humongous variety of content to watch online, Amazon Prime covers up the shopping experience as well. You can and enjoy quick delivery from Amazon and even if there is a last-minute purchase, you will be given all the benefits and discounts.

-Amazon Prime music is given as a complimentary gift to all the subscribers.

How do we watch Amazon prime videos on a television?

Amazon prime videos are compatible with a wide range of devices including Roku, Chromecast, Google TV and others. Download the application from the respective application store of your television and you will immediately get options to enjoy the streaming content. Enjoying Amazon Prime content is also possible for Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4 owners.

Is it possible to watch Amazon prime videos in the absence of a smart TV?

Even if you run an out of date home entertainment system, Amazon prime videos are still going to reach you in a very affordable way. Just spend some money on buying the Amazon fire stick and upgrade your television right away. You will be receiving Alexa voice remote to unlock the features of Amazon content services. The connecting tools from Amazon help you to enjoy distinct video services like Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Netflix and others.

How to use amazon prime video with chromecast?

After receiving the Chromecast support, you have got options to enjoy Amazon prime videos right on your television sets and mobile phones using the simple application.

What do we need in order to begin watching?

  • You need an Android television set that remains connected with the Local Network.
  • A computer system having any of the windows and Mac Operating System.
  • Google Chrome browser

Step-by-step guide to enjoy Amazon prime videos on Chromecast –

  • Step 1 – Switch on your computer and launch Google Chrome.
  • Step 2 – Lookup for the three dots located towards the upper right-hand corner of the browser and choose the cast option.
  • Step 3 – Navigate to the Amazon Prime video, movie or television show in which you have your interest.
  • Step 4 – Make sure that your Chromecast and television set are connected together and both of them are in the working state.
  • Step 5 – Choose the cast option situated in the corner of your Chrome Browser and play the video audio on your screen by hitting the play option.
  • Step 6 – The cast button comes with certain options that you might feel like considering. It allows you to alter the streaming quality according to the speed of internet connectivity you have. Also, you can mute on mute the video by choosing the volume button.

Issues and their solutions for the prime video while using chromecast

  • Chromecast is draining my battery what do I do?

It is absolutely natural for the Chromecast to consume some extra power from your device. If you are using a desktop, it is absolutely ok. However, in the case of using a laptop, you have to keep the power button connected.

  • There is excessive data consumption while I use Chromecast to watch Amazon prime videos?

Change the video quality to 720 p in order to save a bit of your data. Amazon prime videos naturally upsurge to the highest quality content. Therefore, just change the quality settings in order to save yourself against unnecessary data consumption.

  • How to update Chromecast?

In order to keep away from the errors, it is important to watch videos in the latest version of Chromecast. For that matter, just follow the steps –

  • Choose the option while opening the Chrome menu.
  • Select the relaunch option and there you will find update Chrome option.
  • Open Chrome and retry watching the Amazon Prime video.