Basics of Music Composition Using Garageband


Making music has become a lot easier than it used to be earlier. Previously, you had to carry your instruments with you most of the time so you don’t miss out on an important idea for a song or beats. But with the arrival of music applications for mobile platforms, you can create your own music at the palm of your hand. One amazing app among the crowd of music composition apps is Garageband.

Garageband App

Garageband offers some pretty awesome features which are both powerful and handy. However, not every knows how to create and compose good music with Garageband. In this post, we are going to discuss basics of Music Composition using Garageband.

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Choose The Right Tone

Before you can start thinking of a good song, you need to come up with a good tone. Tone plays a very important role in a song. If you do not know much about instruments and are unable to play them in Garageband then you can get Garageband to play tunes at random and then you can pick one of the tune which sounds fine and start creating your music.

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Give Your Music an Appropriate Touch

Giving the right touch to your music or song matters a lot. If you are giving classical touch to a piece of content which should have modern touch then your music will be less successful and same applies for the vice versa. If your music seems like it needs an acoustic touch then give it an acoustic touch and if you think it requires a very modern touch then go for the modern touch.

garageband music app

To Fade or Not to Fade?

Well, the ending of a song plays a vital role in the success of the song. All great music tracks have exceptionally good ending. And in the ending, deciding whether to fade or not can change a lot. Play your track over and over and if you feel like fading will totally be cool for your music then go for it but never force fading to your music if it doesn’t need it. Forcing fading can ruin even the greatest songs.

So, these were some basic yet valuable tips we thought you should know. If you have any sort of doubts or queries then feel free to leave then in the comments section below. Have fun experimenting with Garageband!

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