Top 7 Killer Link Building Strategies You Must Try In 2016

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Basically, links are the connections made when someone hyperlinks from their usual website back to your website and so it is a sign that someone thinks your content or website is good. Link Building Strategies is one of the most challenging things you will ever do in SEO.

Only links are not everything, but you need as a proper link building strategy that will be followed for your link building and then it can add a lot more value than expected. Therefore, Google is continuously updating their stats and it has affected the link building strategies of various brands and many old link building methods are of no use today. Regular updates google have changed the way links are built for a website.

Top 7 Killer Link Building Strategies You Must Try In 2016

        Top 7 Killer Link Building Strategies You Must Try In 2016

The practical benefits of link building strategies are clear as more links mean more people are reviewing your website and that means more leads, and more leads means more conversions which will further generate more revenue.

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Top 7 Killer Link Building Strategies :

Now, it is very important to set an overall link building strategy to be followed for the success of your campaign and some of the best are described as follows:

1. Outsourcing your work

Hiring an outside agency for link building

Hiring an outside agency for link building makes sense when your company is mature enough that you are also hiring outside help for business services. You can also hire a firm that will do this kind of work for you from creating different strategies to finding opportunities and developing the links. Therefore, when hiring an agency, you should check its references and ask them about the process and further see if it matches up with what you want, or with what’s worked for you so far.

In context to link building, the nonprofit recently adopted as member code of ethics that requires board of directors to adhere to Google’s webmaster quality guidelines and you can also check with your local better business bureau or any organization that will help you find reputable agencies to help with you in link building.

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2. Iteration


Like everything else we do in business, iteration is also vitally important for link building strategies.In this type of strategy, you can basically track your work or that of your contractors to see what is working and what is not for your business.This can be applied to the content you create, the tactics you employ for getting those links or your list of targeted websites from which you want various links.

3. Submit press releases to various sites

Submit press releases to various sites

This is the another commonly used link building strategies because press releases are extremely useful services for all internet marketers that allow them to get the word out about a product they have developed or various  new services that they have launched. Therefore, you can create a press release and submit it to a free or paid press release sites which are popularly used these days.

Press websites what usually do is that it link back to your site or blog and for this all you need to do is to create just one press release and further submit it to a number of these types of sites for maximum number of backlinks.

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4. Write guest posts on only relevant blogs

Write guest posts on only relevant blogs

Guest blogging is a technique that involves writing an article or blog post and submitting them to authority sites for further approval and therefore, as a blogger you should always look for such opportunities to guest blog on various other relevant blogs of your interest.

So, guest blogging is a win-win situation for both yourself and the owner of the other blog who uses your article or blog, as then only you get a link that is worth a lot of money for you and by this he can get an informative content, free of cost.

5. Use social media marketing platforms

social media marketing

There are various social media sites which are an integral part of your link building strategies. You can easily sign up with all these type of popular social media platforms and can create your company bio on them with a link to your site as well.

Further, you can also create a Facebook fan page as this would definitely help you to market your products and services more efficiently so that you can achieve a huge number of links in return and that too in quick time.

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6. Give testimonials for various products and services you provide

testimonials for various products and services

Now a days this is very common strategy to build links. So, if you are using any of the services or product of any company then do not forget to write testimonial about them and always ask them to put your testimonial on their homepage because companies providing products & services love to show their user’s reviews which are on their products and it helps them to get more conversions.

This will help you in as way as and when any website shows your testimonials; they will always provide a back link to your website to make the testimonial look genuine and it solves your purpose too.

7. Use Google alerts for link generation

Google alerts for link generation

Google alerts are one of the most powerful and often easily overlooked, link building strategy tools at your disposal.When anyone adds your business name online you will always want them to link to you and for this google alerts allows everyone across the web to keep the record of various brands. You can do this by first heading over to google alerts and enter the term or area you want to get alerts for.

After this, choose how often you want to receive alerts and it will purely depend on what you are monitoring and then you can choose the method of receiving alerts that is via email.

Conclusion :

link building strategies 2016

Therefore, this was all about the best and various killer link building strategies which you must try in and from the above list you can easily choose the best strategy for yourself. So, start your new journey by building strong links for your blogs.

Top 5 Android Apps for Your Phone in 2016

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The world of smartphones is evolving at a rapid pace. With new updates and tweaks from time to time, we are witnessing faster smartphones and more sophisticated lives. As the open-source Android OS is leading the revolution in the smartphone industry, extremely useful apps are popping up every day to make our lives easy.

Here are the top 5 Android Apps you must install on your phone in 2016. You will realize the importance of these apps once you start using them.

  1. Amazon India

Amazon india


The largest internet-based retailer,’s Indian arm a.k.a Amazon India ( is performing extremely well. The e-commerce site, in recent times has been a serious competitor to home-grown e-tailers like Flipkart and Snapdeal.

The Amazon India app is one of the coolest shopping apps available. With just a few touches, you can order the product of your choice with ease. Things get easier with Coupons for amazon  from which give customers over-the-top cashback on all orders. Try it for FREE from Google Play and you will definitely love it!

  1. Paytm



A useful app for instant mobile, DTH and data card recharges, Paytm is a must-have app on an Android smartphone. The digital wallet that comes integrated with the application gives another reason to use it. You can book train tickets, shop from various online retailers and make transactions using the integrated Paytm wallet.

There are some paytm offers that are available on a day-to-day basis that greatly maximizes the benefit that one can get from using the application.

  1. Uber


A smart application for solving the commuting problem of people in cities, Uber makes it easy to find a cab in your city. It is a huge boom for people who are new to a certain city or place and have a hard time figuring out their way.

By making use of Uber rides, one can save money on travelling without the pain of bargaining. Try a cab for once and we are sure that you will be hooked to it forever!




  1. Evernote



The application that notes down everything you want to note down, Evernote is a must-have on your Android smartphone. The simple application acts as a go-to destination for noting down everything you think is important and save them for later use.

Though there is a free trial version of the app, a Premium version is available at no additional cost for select handsets. Check out if your phone is compatible for the FREE premium version of Evernote.


  1. Facebook



Though pre-installed on a lot of smartphones, some phones don’t come readily with Facebook. In such a case, it is essential to download the application from Google Play and install it. An amazing way to ensure that you are connected to the world at all times, Facebook on an Android device is a huge boon.

You can chat with family and friends, plan events, meet new people and get informed on all the latest happenings with the help of Facebook for mobile. If you still haven’t tried it out, it is high time you do so now!