CouponMama Review: Get Substantial Discounts with Coupons

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Because of convenience and availability of most of the products at a reasonable price, online shopping has gained a lot of popularity. A large number of discounts and the coupons are offered when you shop online to assist you in reducing your shopping bill. Coupon websites provides discounts on large number of product ranging from clothes, electronics and various other items that might be needed by you. Here we shall talk about all such offers and deals.

Many coupon sites are available which may be explored for getting coupons but quite a few of these are misleading and are spam or carry the expired coupons. CouponMama is generally a favored site offering discount coupons on a number of ecommerce websites that are listed on website.


On using these coupons, substantial discount would be offered to you online while buying specific items. Jabong discount coupons, Trendin coupons and Zivame coupons can be used for getting discounts on different products such as apparels, electronics, shoes, makeup products, appliances etc. These discounts vary from 5% to 60% and would go a long way to bring down the expenses on your shopping substantially and are available throughout the year.

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This website is meant for providing discount coupons for different ecommerce sites. Large number of coupons like Limeroad, Zovi and Purplle coupons are introduced every day. Regular buyers online should subscribe for these so that you remain informed about their coupons and deals. The website is very user friendly and provides coupons for the websites that sell different items such as tablets, mobiles etc, you would be in a position to understand and navigate it. It is a very responsive website. You would be able to browse for coupons even if there is low internet speed and obtain coupons you need for the product required.

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You can get particular coupon for specific site only because of easy navigation. The coupons got from can be utilized easily by just clicking for activating the deal for getting redirected to the page. The coupon would just pop up on screen. You can copy this coupon directly and utilize it for buying what you need. This is amongst the best sites which provide huge number of discount coupons especially during important events, special occasions and mega sales.

You need to go to coupon site and open the website that you are interested in purchasing from. Click to open page and the full list of latest coupons will be there for you to use giving their expiry date. Select the coupon of your interest and click on link for opening the code. You would be taken straight to products on which this coupon is valid along with the coupon code that has to be applied at payment stage. Copy coupon code and paste it in box meant for applying for coupons. Discount will be applied to cost of product and new discounted price will be displayed and this is the amount to be paid. Select payment gateway and pay. That’s it, you’ve got your product at a deep discounted price.

CouponDekho Review- No More Waiting For Sale Time

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Indians are fond of haggling for prices and this comes naturally to us and we are always looking for good bargains. However this is not needed while shopping online. Online merchants compensate for this by offering discounts all year round. They save you from the hassle of requesting the dealer from giving you a discount. Those looking for more should opt for deals and coupon codes. The codes may be used at the time of making payment for getting extra advantage. Various types of codes offering providing different types of discounts can be availed. These are easily available on many sites offering you the coupon codes for literally all big or small merchant online.




It is always better to go through the terms and conditions mentioned on these codes before utilizing them. Though these codes are offered free of cost but there is possibilities of you getting very attractive coupon for a little known site and might eventually have difficulty in delivery of the product or some other difficulty. Best to go for reputed companies like Shopclues coupons, Flipkart and Snapdeal discount coupons as they have a flawless reputation. You can check worthiness of a site by going through the rating and reviews of the sites by the users. Generally these coupons are for specific reasonable amount as online shopping has become quite popular.

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Those shopping regularly online should search for such sites for getting a good discount.  Amongst all coupon sites CouponDekho is the best site for getting latest coupons online for various online retail brands in 14 categories. It includes major retail sites from Foodpanda coupons, FabFurnish, HomeShop18, Yebhi, Pepperfry and many more. It is very simple to search for coupons on the site because this has been divided in many broad categories. Browsing can be done through “New Coupons”, “Top Coupons”, “Top Deals” and the “Expiring Coupons”.

Those wanting coupons for specific product can browse for coupons based on the product such as tablets, flights, mobile, furniture, hotel and books etc on Browsing can also be done based on categories. You can also avail “Cash back Offers” in some of these websites with the help of coupons. Because of tie-up with some leading brands, it also offers special discount coupons for them. The website also has section offering daily offers and coupons.



This site deals with huge range of deals and coupons. It has neat categories making it simple to browse and search for the coupons. Browsing can be done as per brand discounts, top coupon deals, merchants or new coupon deals. Makemytrip, Goibibo and Travelguru coupons are some of the most wanted travel coupons.  The categories include shopping, flights, airlines, travel, mobile and accessories, fast food, gifts, deals, web hosting, airlines, flights and also hotels.

Airlines category deals directly with the Airlines. Similarly hotel section features attractive deals. Few coupons for offline merchants particularly in food section are also offered. Its reviews and the ratings for all its coupons and deals are its biggest asset. The website has a tie-up with many major and reputed brands and provides exclusive coupons for few retailers. It is better to register with them for their newsletter to ensure that their latest deals and offers are not missed out.


Top 101 Keyboard shortcuts you must know – TechGeek

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Keyboard shortcuts:


Keyboard shortcuts are basically a simple combo of two or more keys available on your keyboard.Basically keyboard shortcuts are preferred to avoid the excessive use of mouse.With the help of which our working on the computer gets easier and also efficient.

Keyboard shortcuts saves our time as well makes the computer operating very much “HANDY”.Like if you are using multiple tabs then you are having various Keyboard shortcuts to use,Keyboard shortcuts can be also used in Paint,Word document,Normal operating,Photoshop etc.

So here is a list of Top Keyboard shortcuts Which you must know:

Top General Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+C – (Copy the Item)
  • Ctrl+A – (Select all)
  • Ctrl+V -(Paste the selected Item)
  • Ctrl+X– (Cut the Item)
  • Ctrl+Z -(Undo an action)
  • Ctrl+Y – (Redo an action)
  • Delete – (Delete an Item and send to Recycle bin)
  • Shift+Delete – (Delete permanently)
  • Alt+Tab – (Switch between open apps)
  • Alt+Spacebar – (Open the shortcut menu for the active window)
  • Alt+Esc – (Switch through items in the order that they had been opened)
  • Alt+F4 key – (Close the active window)
  • Alt+Enter – (Display the properties of the selected object)
  • Ctrl+shift+N – (Create a new folder)
  • Esc – (stops the current task and exit)
  • Shift + F10 – (Shows the shortcut menu for the selected item)
  • Windows logo key +L – (Switch people or Lock your PC )

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Function Keys Shortcuts:

  • F1 – (Opens Help)
  • F2 – (Rename the selected folder or file)
  • F3 -(Search for a file)
  • F4 -(opens the address bar)
  • F5 -(Refresh)
  • F6 – (Cycle through screen elements in a window)
  • F10-(Opens the Menu Bar in the selcted program)
  • F11 – (Maximize or minimize the active window)

New Windows Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Win logo key‌ + Type anything – (Search your computer)
  • Win logo key‌ + Z -(Opens the available commands in the selected item)
  • Win logo key+ W– (Opens the Search)
  • Win logo key+S -(Open the Search  to search Windows and the web)
  • Win logo key+O -(Lock the screen orientation (portrait or landscape)
  • Win logo key+K – (Open the Devices)
  • Win logo key+I -(Open the Settings)
  • Win logo key+H -(Open the Share)
  • Win logo key+F -(Open the Search to search files in the pc)
  • Win logo key+C-(open the commands for the app)
  • Ctrl+plus (+) -(Zoom in)
  • Ctrl+minus (-) – (Zoom Out)

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Top Dialog Box Keyboard Shortcuts :

  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab -( Move back through tabs)
  • Ctrl+Tab – (Move forward through tabs)
  • Ctrl+number (number 1-9) – (Move to nth tab)
  • Shift+Tab – (Move back through options)
  • Tab – (Move forward through options)
  • Alt+underlined letter – (Perform the corresponding command or select the corresponding option)
  • Arrow keys – (Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons)
  • Spacebar – (Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box)
  • F1 – (Opens Help)
  • F4 -(opens the address bar)

Ease of Accessibility Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Left Alt+left Shift+Num Lock -(Turn Mouse Keys on or off)
  • Left Alt+left Shift+Print Screen – (Turn High Contrast on or off)
  • Right Shift for eight seconds – (Turn Filter Keys on and off)
  • Shift five times – (Turn Sticky Keys on or off)
  • Win logo key + U – (Open Ease of Access Center)
  • Num Lock for five seconds – (Turn Toggle Keys on or off)

Top Windows Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Alt+D – (Select the address bar)
  • Ctrl+E – (Select the search box)
  • Ctrl+F – (Select the search box)
  • Ctrl+N – (Open a new window)
  • Home – (Display the top of the active window)
  • End – (Display the bottom of the active window)
  • Backspace – (View the previous folder)
  • Num Lock+asterisk (*) – (Display all subfolders under the selected folder)
  • Num Lock+plus (+) – (Display the contents of the selected folder)
  • Num Lock+minus (-) – (Collapse the selected folder)
  • Alt+P – (Display the preview pane)
  • Ctrl+mouse scroll wheel – (Change the size and appearance of file and folder icons)

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Word Pad Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+1 -(Provides single line spacing)
  • Ctrl+2 -(Provides double line spacing)
  • Ctrl+5 -(Provides 1.5 lie spacing)
  • Ctrl+= -(Make selected text subscript)
  • Ctrl+Shift+= – (Make selected text superscript)
  • Ctrl+Shift+> -(Increase the font size)
  • Ctrl+Shift+< -(Decrease the font size)
  • Ctrl+Shift+A -(Change characters to all capitals)
  • Ctrl+Shift+L -(Change the bullet style)
  • Ctrl+Home -(Move to the beginning of the document)
  • Ctrl+End -(Move to the end of the document)
  • Ctrl+Page Up -(Move up one page)
  • Ctrl+Page Down-(Move down one page)
  • Ctrl+Delete-(Delete the next word)
  • Shift+F10 -(Show the current shortcut menu)
  • Ctrl+A -(Select the entire document)
  • Ctrl+B -(Make selected text bold)
  • Ctrl+C-(Copy a selection to the Clipboard)
  • Ctrl+D-(Insert a Microsoft Paint drawing)
  • Ctrl+E-(Align text center)
  • Ctrl+F-(Search for text in a document)
  • Ctrl+H-(Replace text in a document)
  • Ctrl+I-(Italicize selected text)
  • Ctrl+J-(Justify text)
  • Ctrl+L-(Align text left)
  • Ctrl+N-(Create a new document)
  • Ctrl+O-(Open an existing document)
  • Ctrl+P-(Print a document)
  • Ctrl+R-(Align text right)
  • Ctrl+S-(Save changes to a document)
  • Ctrl+U-(Underline selected text)
  • Ctrl+V-(Paste a selection from the Clipboard)
  • Ctrl+X-(Cut a selection)
  • Ctrl+Y-(Redo a change)
  • Ctrl+Z-(Undo a change)
  • F12 – (Save the document as a new file)

Hence these were the Top 101 keyboard shortcuts You must know. Hope you found these keyboard shortcuts useful.For more articles visit us regularly.

We have given the top keyboard shortcuts available,but if you have any other keyboard shortcut which has been not included in the above  list then feel free to comment it below in the comment section.

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