Microsoft Finally Rolls out SPARTAN browser For win 10

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Introducing Project Spartan:

Spartan browser is now officially released by the software giants Microsoft. Spartan browser is currently available for Windows 10 preview versions only.As announced in their official site.

Spartan browser


Spartan browser has been launched as a replacement of the Retired Internet explorer.According to microsoft Spartan browser will be one of the most advanced and most used browser.

This spartan browser has been launched so as to provide a single window experience to all the users on laptops,computers,mobiles,etc.The software giant also wants to create a single browsing experience across its Windows devices.

“Since we have this rapid evolution on the Web… we think it’s the right time to build a new browser,” said Joe Belfiore, who runs Microsoft’s operating systems group.

spartan browser


Spartan browser Features:

  • Cortana is built-in and ready to assist.Cortana is a kind of personal assistant in spartan so as to provide easy browsing.
  • Inking and sharing so you can capture and communicate your thoughts.Researching and collecting information from the Web is just as easy, as you can save your notes directly to OneNote.
  • Distraction-free reading with Reading List and Reading View.
  • A new engine for the modern Web.
  • support extensions like Google Chrome and Firefox.
  • Spartan browser will also have note-taking features, with the help of it user can add comments and annotations  by clicking anywhere on a webpage, like a Office documents.

Microsoft is making all effort so as to provide its user a very easy and comfortable browsing experience on spartan browser.

It will not be in Microsoft’s first insider build, and it’s coming to the phone a bit later.For now spartan browser is available for the technical preview of windows 10.

How to get the Spartan Browser:

To get the spartan browser to your device there are 2 methods as follows

First Method:

If you are already using some Windows 10 build on your PC, you need to follow some simple instructions.

  1. In the taskbar search box, search by typing Windows Update.
  2. Click on Windows Update from the options.
  3. Look at the left panel and click on Windows Update if it’s not selected.
  4. Now click on the Check.
  5. Now your new Windows 10 build 10049 will be downloaded with the new Spartan Browser.

Second Method:

If you are running on an OS older than Windows 10 preview, you need to install the older Windows 10 build in your system by registering for the Windows Insider program.

  1. Sign up for the Windows Insider Program from here.
  2. Go through the system requirements.
  3. Now click on the download links given on this page and get the ISO file.
  4. Transfer the ISO file to some installation media like a USB drive or DVD.
  5. Install the Windows 10 Preview in your system.
  6. After install, go to the previous method 1 and install the latest build using the System Update.

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How to transfer files from PC to PC /Laptop using LAN

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Transfer files from PC to PC using LAN

Hello mate, I know you are searching for the way to transfer files from one computer to another. If yes, then you are on the right place. Here i have listed a way to transfer files from PC to PC using a LAN cable which is probably the best way to transfer files from one computer to another computer. You may want to transfer files from old computer to new computer, or may be from your friends computer or laptop to your PC. Whatever the situation may be, If you want to transfer files from PC to PC then just follow the steps given below.

For transferring files from PC to PC, you need two computers and one cross over cable and of course my article :-p

Steps to transfer files from PC to PC

First of all we need to configure IPV4 addresses on both the computers, Since we are transferring the data using LAN.

Step 1: Open the control panel by opening it from start-> or by opening run(win+r) and then, typing “control” . 

control panel

Step 2:Click on “Network and Internet “-> After that, click on “Network and sharing center”  and on the left side bottom you can see the “change advanced settings” option.

Click on “Network and Internet”

Network and internet


After that click on “Network and sharing center”


Network and sharing center


Then, click on “Change advanced sharing settings”

Advanced sharing settings



Step 3: A window will be opened with multiple options like Network discovery, File and printer sharing, Home group connections etc.., check all the options to allow as shown in the below image.

Just check all the options to “Turn on network discovery, Network sharing etc..,”

Adv sharing settings


Repeat the same thing in both the computers

Step 4: After completing the above steps, you need to connect these computers with cross wire cable and configure IPV4 addresses.

Step 5: For configuring the IP addresses you need to open Network connections either by navigating to this “Control PanelNetwork and InternetNetwork Connections”  or by opening run(win+r) and then typing command “ncpa.cpl”


Step 6: Right click on Ethernet and click on “properties” -> Then scroll down a bit and select “Internet protocol version 4″ 

Ethernet properties

Step 7: Insert the following IP address->, Subnet mask: you press tab it comes automatically), Default gateway: , and leave the remaining fields as empty and click on OK.

internet protocol address

Step 8:Insert the  above details in first computer and just interchange the IP address and Default gateway and enter them in second computer.

internet protocol address

Step 8:Now you are 80% done. You done with the connections and now, you have to concentrate on transferring data from PC to PC.

Step 9:For proceeding to that step, you need to make sure that your computers are connected by checking the “Network”  option which will be shown up when you open Windows explorer (win+ E).

If you have two computers shown there then, Your computers are connected.

Now you can transfer files from PC to PC By doing these steps

>Right click on file or folder you want to share

>Select “Share with” and then, select specific people.

>Then, there will be a drop down select “Everyone”  and click on add.

share with specific people

Now click on Share and you are done!! You can Now see your shared files by accessing through Network tab. I hope this is clear. If you are still having any doubts regarding How to transfer files from PC to PC ,  please feel free to comment below Thank you.



Buy Flat In Navi Mumbai Using Best Android App

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Are you looking to buy Flat in Navi Mumbai??? New government in Maharashtra had announced, last year that taxes associated with property purchases would be increased for Navi Mumbai in 2015. Accordingly, starting from January 1 2015 many areas located near Navi Mumbai witnessed property cost rise by as much as 30%-40%. There were many other areas are included along with Navi Mumbai, where people are facing lots of problems in buying houses due to rise in property purchase costs between 12% and 20%. On the other hand whereas a property with comparable area sold at only Rs. 5 Cr. in the suburban regions, project by housing.


There are many new projects under construction in the suburban localities like Mulund where the unit prices are running into multi Cr. The price of residential property is growing very fast in navi Mumbai, But if you are looking to buy Flat in Navi Mumbai is the best option. By accessing this website you can lbuy flat in Navi Mumbai at very cheap rates compared with others. Android App is completely free and available at play store, free for download.  Android users are growing very fast with growing technology of innovative inventions.  Android App is one of the necessary Android App which we must have on our Android device. Yes, if you are from India and have Android device with you, you cannot skip this App.

How to use Android App?

We all have individual life apart from our daily activities, we require rental property to live by purchasing it or for rental purpose. Especially if you are looking to buy flats in Navi Mumbai, you access using this Android App and start looking for all the details you are looking for.

You don’t require desktop or PC to access this website to look for new flat in Mumbai, you can browse it from any Android device. App for buying Flats: itself is one of the best real estate website, where you can book residential property, flats , PG & many more interesting projects. Check more features below

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Support: Support is very important who are ready to give us right direction when we get confused. You can consult about your requirement by making a call on their customer care number for help.  They are ready to help you 24*7 with 100% supportive team.

House loan:  You can apply for home loans online on while buying flats in navi Mumbai just by browsing in your Android device. They provide 100% support with expert team ready to support you till your tenure.

5 best android security app / apps ever

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5 best android security app

Here are the 5 best android security app ever which may help your android device become more secure and safe.

By using the below 5 best android security app you will be able to provide your android device the various facilities like Antitheft,Antivirus etc.

5 best android security app:

So here you go with the list of the 5 best android security app.

CM Security:

CM security app (Clean master security app) is one of the award winning and best android security app in terms of security,privacy and usability.It provides one of the most advanced malware protection to your android device. 

best android security app

Features of CM Security:

  • AppLock & Vault – The fastest & safest applock for android in the world
  • Cleaner & Phone Booster
  • Find Phone | Anti-Theft (NEW!)
  • Safer than safer: Intruder Selfie of AppLock

Click here to download CM SECURITY .



AVL antivirus app won an AV-TEST best protection award in 2013 for its security performance on the Android operating system.It is also one of the most effective best android security app.

While it doesn’t include some of the more advanced anti-theft features that can be found in similar apps, it’s great for your basic protection needs, and also one of the least likely to impact your battery or damage performance.

best android security app

This is the App that displays the mobile antivirus engine of AVL SDK, which provides the basic functionality of virus scan to protect your Android system and application programs.


  • AVL SDK Mobile can detect and analyze different file formats, such as APK, SIS, SISX, XAP, and CAB. It can also detect executable files such as DEX, ELF, EPOC and PE;
  • AVL SDK Mobile is optimized on its structure, efficiency and the size of signature codes, so it is resource-saving and energy-saving. With its well-designed scan algorithms, it ensures the high-speed detection.
  • Strong Support System

Click here to download – AVL


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

It is the free best android security app version, which is very light and fast.It offers anti-malware protection, a privacy manager, and also scans apps that are behaving suspiciously.

best android security app



  • Detects and eliminates malware, including spyware and Trojans.
  • Stops unauthorized access to your personal data.
  • Scans your Android device for security vulnerabilities.
  • Links seamlessly to Android Device Manager’s device location features so the device can be located, locked, or reset if it is lost or stolen.

Click here to download – Malwarebytes


 360 Security:

360 Security antivirus is one of the best android security app which is totally free of cost.360 Security is the only all-in-one speed booster and antivirus app that optimizes your background apps, memory space, junk(cache) files and battery power, while keeping your device safe from virus, malware, vulnerabilities, adware and trojans.

5  best android security app


 Features :

  • Scan installed apps, memory card content, and new apps automatically.
  • Junk File Cleaner
  • Memory Booster
  • Power Saver
  • Anti-theft
  • Real time protection

Click here to download – 360 Security antivirus



Give your Android mobile devices TOTAL best android security app protection from viruses and privacy “intruders” with Bitdefender Mobile Security!.By using this best android security app your device can defend all the cyber attacks.

best android security app



  • New!!! WearON – extend Bitdefender Mobile Security to your smart watch
  • Malware Scanner – independently tested to detect 100% of the bad stuff
  • Privacy Advisor – shows you how installed apps use, and possibly abuse, your personal information
  • Web Security – protects you in real-time when browsing websites using Chrome and Android’s default browsers
  • Anti-Theft – allows you to send out SMS Commands and features its own Web dashboard that lets you lock, track, and wipe your Android from any Internet-connected device.

Click here to download –Bitdefender


So these were the top 5 best android security app for your device.

Thanks for reading !!

Shareit for PC-Now Download Shareit for PC Official

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Download SHAREit for PC works for Windows 8/7/8.1

You heard SHAREit Right!! The super fast file sharing app, It’s an awesome app which allows you to share your files super fast to any mobile device which is having that app. It’s glad that a laptop and mobile manufacturing company Lenovo made it and created a new era of file sharing.

Now it came with another awesome news i.e SHAREit now works for laptop . Its the best news for guy like you as you may share lot and lot of files with your friends from your Laptop and your mobile.

shareit for pc



Steps to Download and install SHAREit for PC

You can download SHAREit from here: SHAREit

After downloading SHAREit for PC you should install it. Just follow these simple steps for installing SHAREit in PC

Step 1: Double click on SHAREit setup file

Step 2: Then one window will be opened with the Note Let’s get started

Step 3: Click on the right bottom corner to proceed to the next step

Step 4: After completing all the steps, You will be shown something like this



Click on Start and now you are done with installing that app. You can share files as you share in your mobile.

Advantages of using SHAREit for PC

  • Share your files without using Bluetooth Thus reducing sharing time
  • Share across multiple devices like Mobile, Tablet, Laptop etc.
  • Since, There is no external hardware like USB, Files are secure and not prone to virus.
  • Available for all Android, Windows and IOS platforms.

Disadvantages of using SHAREit for PC

  • You need to have SHAREit app on both of the devices

This is the only disadvantage we have found till now. If you found any, Please comment below and let us know. Share and follow us for more updates.

Recover deleted Whats App messages from your phone

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Recover Deleted Whats App messages

Whats App is the best instant messenger in the world. Since it is the most popular one, it has millions of users who are sending and receiving messages everyday.
sounds good but, what if you accidentally deleted Whats App messages ?? have you ever wondered how to get them back?? Probably you are, just follow these simple steps in order to recover deleted whats app messages. 

recover deleted whatsapp messages

Steps to Recover deleted Whats App messages

Few things you should know before recovering messages from whats app

>  Whats app automatically backup your messages 
    and store in a folder
>  They are stored in the back up folder
>  You can recover your messages from that backup files

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Hope you are done with the things above. now proceed to the main steps 

Step 1: First you need to uninstall the Whats App

Step 2:Then open the folder named Whats App which is present either in the Internal memory or external SD card.

Step 3:Then open the Databases folder

Step 4:Then there will be number of files like “msgstore.db.crypt9”. just rename and make them as “msgstore.db.crypt9.current”.

Step 5:Then install Whats App again. Now, you will be prompted to restore the messages 


Step 6:Just click on OK and install as you do before

Note : The messages which are only 7 days old can be recovered. 

That’s it guys, done for now.You can recover your deleted Whats App messages now. If you have any doubts do comment in the commenting section below and feel free to subscribe for more news and tutorials.

How to delete WhatsApp Images in bluestacks when using in PC [Updated]


Delete WhatsApp images in bluestacks 

I saw many people saying that they have some problem in deleting media like images and videos on Whats App. If you are also one of them then, here is the tutorial for you by which you can delete WhatsApp images in bluestacks. 
Whatsapp has indeed become the need of the hour as it is used by million of people, and hence there are many issues people want the solution to. And there are many questions related to images and videos too which might pop up in your mind. Anyways coming to the main point of the topic, let’s know the method of deleting WhatsApp images while you are using PC.
In blue stacks, there is no direct option to delete the selected media and another problem is you can’t even find that images in your PC. but, don’t worry as I have given some solution to you to get rid of that problem.
Just follow these simple steps in order to delete the WhatsApp media in your bluestacks app player  
Just follow these simple steps in order to delete WhatsApp images in bluestacks
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Step 1: First of all you need to open Blue stacks.
Step 2: Then click on search option and Type Es explorer.
searching for software in bluestacks
Step 3: Install the Es explorer from play store. If you already have Es explorer then open Es explorer and proceed to step 4
opening es explorer
Step 4: Click on Whats App and open it 
opening whatsapp folder
Since you want to delete media in Whats App, just open the media folder, and then, select which files you want to delete. After selecting the media to delete, just select them and click on delete option which is present on the bottom of the screen. 
That’s it guys you have deleted the stuff in the gallery now. Still, If you have any doubts then please feel free to leave a comment and get your doubts clarified.

5 WhatsApp security tips for android users [latest]

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Here are 5 whatsapp security tips.With more than 600 million dynamic users,The most popular instant messaging app Whats App instant messaging  app is currently the well known instant messaging  application worldwide and it requires more security so we present you whatsapp security tips.Whatsapp security tips issues may be one of the important question. Whats App instant messaging  app does discharge security upgrades and fixes time to time issues, here are some whatsapp security tips from security research company ESET to make it more secure Whats App instant messaging  app security.

whatsapp security tipsWhatsapp security tips:

Block WhatsApp instant messaging App photos from appearing in gallery

This is one of the major whatsapp security tips.Pictures that you get on Whats App instant messaging app are consequently put away in your telephone’s Gallery, presenting them to any individual who scans photographs on your telephone. In iPhone, you can go into the telephone’s Settings menu, then tap ‘Protection’, ‘Photographs’, and deselect Whats App instant messaging app which will confine this. 
For Android users its a tiny bit complicated.Using a record adventurer application, for example, ES File Explorer, you can discover Whats App instant messaging app “Pictures” and “Features” organizers and make a document inside every called ‘.no media’. This will prevent Android Gallery application from filtering the folder.If not get Keep Safe application from the play store and shroud the choose pics and videos.(This application can be utilized to any pics or features on your cell phone).

Beware of scams on WhatsApp instant messaging App

Whats App instant messaging app will never contact clients through the application and does not send messages about visits, voice messages, installment, changes, photographs, or features, unless you contact their help and backing. Anybody offering a free membership, guaranteeing to be from Whats App instant messaging app or urging you to take after connections keeping in mind the end goal to protect your record is without a doubt a trick and ought not be trusted. These connections could prompt sites that introduce malware and spyware or track your individual points of interest.

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Limit access to WhatsApp instant messaging App DP(display picture)

Set profile picture offering to “contacts just” in the Privacy menu to conceal your Whats App  instant messaging app profile photograph from obscure clients and the individuals who are not in your contacts.People who don’t have any acquaintance with you can download your portrait from your Whats App instant messaging app profile and, through Google Image pursuit, can figure out all the more about you so this would help you from all these issues.

 Remain the WhatsApp instant messaging app locked

Whats App instant messaging app doesn’t offer an inherent secret key or pin, you can utilize outsider applications like Messenger and Chat Lock, Lock for Whats App instant messaging app and Secure Chat on the off chance that you utilize an Android phone.This will help you from uncovering your Whats App instant messaging app’s private chats,photos and features from other people who take your cell phone or take it from you.

De activate Instant messaging App if you lose your device

One of the whatsapp security tips is that ,On the off chance that you lose your smartphone,immediately actuate Whats App instant messaging app with the same telephone number on an alternate telephone, with a substitution SIM. One of the fundamental efforts to establish safety that Whats App instant messaging app takes is that the application must be utilized by one number on one gadget at once, so by doing as such you immediately square it from being utilized on your old phone.If that is unrealistic, Whats App instant messaging app can likewise deactivate your record.
So these were the top 5 whatsapp security tips for android 4.4.4….