How to Recover Deleted Data From Hard Disk

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Securing your data:

Data in a hard drive probably kept thinking it as useful, what happens if it was deleted accidentally??? have you ever thought of this’s difficult !! because the deleted data may be photos ,videos or some other stuff related to your family ,friends etc
Check the below post to get awareness on recovering data


If you have accidentally deleted some data :

Don’t panic i will provide you some solution regarding that, whenever you have deleted some data check for the Recovery drive if any ..probably if you kept backup before or else.

These counter measures you should follow if you want to recover your data correctly:

We must not copy more data in that location from which you are currently performing recovery. (i.e) If suppose you have accidentally deleted data from E: drive .Then don’t copy any files on E: drive if you want your data back , if you do so the copied data will replace the instances left of deleted data then data will be corrupted.

Top Recovery Software’s:

Some of the Top Recovery Software’s are:

  • Stellar Phoenix
  • R-studio
  • Data Rescue-PC
  • On track easy Recovery
  • GetDataBack
If you have some bucks to pay for the software then I recommend you Stellar phoenix it will recover all your data or another solution is To try it for free.

If you want some free ware

I recommend you Recuva.

Here is the process of recovering the data using  recuva software


just download the Software from the below link link:

just install the software then

run it 

scan for deleted files and 

select an area to recover them

There are some other free software like Pandora recovery,EaseUs etc

Note: Never copy huge amount of data in accidentally deleted location and improve chances of getting your data back .
kindly ask questions if you have any, we are happy to here from you

Infographic on Increase Internet Speed in your pc/Computer

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Increase internet speed:

The speed of the Internet  depends on the type of internet connection  you are using, that may be a broadband connection or net setter or simply called as data card.

In these devices, speeds may vary up to some extent.But the only thing we can do is finding a solution for improving the internet speed.For doing that, we should know exactly what our internet speed is ??So guys I have given the entire guide right from checking your internet speed to How you can increase internet speed.

Check/testing your internet speed:

Checking the internet speed is the basic thing to be done in order to make some improvements regarding increase internet speed. Now here comes the question how to check internet speed ? for that you can find the solution here. Just visit or any other site which you may already have used for checking internet speed.Just click on check speed/start button and soon you can see your internet speed provided by your ISP.

Which internet browser your using:

The extremely important task in increasing internet speed is knowing your browser.By knowing which browser you are using you can simply follow the below steps to boost your internet speed.
The browser may be Google Chrome, Mozilla, safari, chromium etc
You can use any of those browsers for browsing and while web surfing remove unwanted add-ons, extensions, and plugins for even more best experience.

How to clear browser’s cache and history:

The direct method of clearing any browsers history is to use C Cleaner or if you know some basic settings on any browser then you can manually clear the history cookies etc..,

This will improve your internet speed up to a very low extent, but it’s useful.

How to change bandwidth from 20% to 100%:

Click on Start button then click on Run type “gpedit.msc” and hit enter.
Or Press Start + R on keyboard
In “ Group Policy Editor” select “Administrative Templates” > “Network” > “QoS Packet Scheduler” then double click on “Limit reservable bandwidth”.
The default option is “Not Configured” , 
Change this option to enabled and reduce bandwidth limit to 0% because it is eating 20% of your bandwidth and enter 0 in bandwidth limit.
Now your pc is out of limit you can use all bandwidth for your self.

Changing the DNS server settings in windows:

Open Control Panel.

Now search/goto Network and Sharing Center click on Change adapter stettings.

Select the adapters you want to change it’s DNS.

Now Right click on the connection and Select properties

Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

Select use the following DNS server Address

Type your preferred DNS server address in the given field.

Preferred DNS server: 8 8 8 8

Alternate DNS server: 8 8 4 4

Click OK and save the setting.

Infographic: increase internet speed 

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Best Screen Recording Softwares and Tutorial making Softwares Which everyone should know

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Screen recording Software Overview:

Screen Recording Software is used to record screen activity into standard video files.It records all the activities like moving the cursor, typing of text etc. Anything that you see on your screen will be recorded, Why we record our screen?? this question for newbies who don’t know why users use Screen Recording Software? Every one use it to make a tutorial to share on YouTube and other websites.

Free Screen Recording Software:



Screen Recording and Video Editing for Anyone, powerful yet easy-to-use, Camtasia helps you to create professional videos without having to be a video pro. Easily record your on-screen activity or import HD camera video, customize and edit content, and share your videos with viewers on nearly any device. The reason being it can handle all sorts of screen recording especially from commercial video whereas some other programs have problems with. This is not a free program but you can download trail version and use it for 30days.



Jing is a free screen recorder and also capture an image of what you see on your computer screen with Jing. Simply select any window or region that you want to capture, mark up your screenshot with a text box, arrow, highlight or picture caption, and decide how you want to share it. Select any window or region that you would like to record, and Jing will capture everything that happens in that area. From simple mouse movements to a fully narrated tutorial, Jing records everything you see and do. Jing videos are limited to five minutes for instant, focused communication.

BB FlashBack Express:


BB FlashBack Express Screen recorder software record a commentary or PC sounds while recording the screen. Record a window, region or full screen. BB FlashBack Express free screen recorder has an easy to use interface that makes it a breeze. Review your recording frame by frame with the movie player. Good screen video capture program. Captures to AVI and SWF formats. The problem with this one is it puts a halo around the screen cursor which cannot be removed.

Microsoft Expression Encoder:


Expression Encoder is an best screen recording software with advanced audio/video-encoding and live-broadcasting application especially suited for generating content that takes full advantage of the rich graphic and interactive capability of Microsoft Silverlight playback scenarios. You can also generate Windows Media video and audio files that are optimized for other web playback scenarios, or appropriate for playback on portable devices. The best part is this software is that it is totally free.

Screen to Video

Best free screen recorder Screen to video is a freeware designed to record your computer screen activity in video. You can record the whole screen or only some areas of the screen. The video formats in FLV and SWF do not require any additional CODECS installation. Everything is included in the software.

How to get maximum discount on online shopping

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Get Maximum Discount on Online Shopping

generally everybody likes shopping online but very few know how to get the maximum discount and shop like a Pro. No worries if you are not,  if you are reading this article then you will also shop like a pro. you can just follow the simple tips or tricks whatever you feel and get maximum discount while you shop online.  I personally tried these methods and they worked absolutely fine and also helped me to save lot of money

get maximum discount

first I will give a glance on what we will be discussing in this article. in this post i will deal with how to use makkhi choose addon to reduce your cost and some coupon sites to get free coupons and some other sites which will give you some discount price whenever you buy anything online.

How to use Makkhi choose add-on/extension for your Chrome, Firefox, and Internet explorer Browser

Makkhi choose is a simple extension/add-on which is available for all browsers.. if i say like this, then you must be wondering what it is? I have an answer for that. what it will do is ..whenever you select a particular product on any  eCommerce store then a price tag will be shown on the left side which will show the price offered by that particular product in all the remaining websites so that you can buy that product in any website which is offering for the less price thus getting maximum discount. another thing is to use the coupon sites for getting your product for a less price
How to Use Coupon sites and Get maximum discount
there are hell lot of coupon sites which are available on internet many people not even aware of these sites so just select the coupon sites in your country make them into  list and use them to get maximum discount here we have listed some working coupon sites here.

Best Coupon Sites You Should Try

#1   group on 
#2   retail me not 
#3   zulily
#4   coupons
#5   Shop at home etc..,
if you are in India then you can use , etc..,
you can just give a try on these coupon sites or if you tried any coupon sites better than this, then please list them on comments. I hope I am clear up to now. we have one more tip left that is to be revealed that’s already known by you but we guys never know it will help i.e changing your internet browser will also give you many changes in price I personally got maximum discount when I changed my browser . Sometimes clearing your browser cache will also be helpful. if you have any problems or any suggestions feel free to mention in the comments section below.


When even you try to shop anything online just feel free to send few minutes by seeing the product in different eCommerce stores and try some coupon sites Discount deals etc.., it may not save you entire money when you shop but when you are buying huge number of products it will save at least 10% of the money you are spending.These are some methods i have listed to get maximum discount on online shopping. If you know any, Then please list below.